Morris Gleitzman
World renowned children’s author and UC Alumni

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing, 1974

Since writing his first children's novel in 1985, Morris Gleitzman's books have dazzled millions across the world. His ability to deal with serious subjects in humorous and easy-to-read books is what both kids and adults love. Anyone that has been through the Australian education system is surely familiar with Morris' books, as his works have been used and studied extensively. Morris' books have been published in over 20 languages and adapted for film, television, and even stage. Morris has won hundreds of awards for his work, including dozens of KOALA awards, four Guardian (UK) Awards, and many Dymock's Children's Choice Awards.

After graduating from UC with a Bachelor of Professional Writing, Morris' literary career was launched into the international spotlight with his book Two Weeks with the Queen. This book dealt with many complicated subjects, including cancer, AIDS, and homosexuality, but in a wonderfully written way. The book was adapted for stage production and was shown throughout the world. In addition to writing children's books, Morris has written numerous television shows, including the ABC series The Norman Gunston Show, the Other Facts of Life, and Second Childhood.

For over 30 years, Morris has influenced not only children and family, but the Australian education system as well. Morris is a patron of Rooted in Reading, the fun and interactive literacy program that has helped thousands of children achieve excellence in reading. Morris is also a sponsor of Monkey Bae Theatre Company, which produces world class stage productions based on children's books.

To have such a world renowned author as alumni of UC is a huge honour. At the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Awards, Morris was presented as the winner of the Alumni Excellence Award for UC's Faculty of Arts and Design. Morris' work has influenced millions of children, spreading the joy of reading and literature to nearly every corner of the world. For his contributions to not only literacy but to the betterment of families, we are proud to call Morris alumni.


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