Lisa Herbertson
Lisa turned her love of sport into a full time journalism career


Lisa has a long and storied career, finding a unique way to blend her two passions, sports and writing, into a full time journalism career. As a dedicated sports journalist, Lisa has covered both national and international events, including the Sydney and Beijing Olympic Games, the Delhi Commonwealth Games and the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Not only is Lisa an experienced journalist, she has a strong foundation as an athlete, and she has competed in three indoor hockey World Cups, winning the 2000 Australian Sports Medal, and two NSWWHA Indoor Hockey Player of the Year awards.

Since graduating from UC's Sports Media program in 2002, Lisa has displayed the skills and abilities to push her journalism career far beyond just the sports arena. As a reporter for the Cumberland Newspaper Group, Lisa has expanded her journalism writing to nearly all areas of the news, including real-estate, emergency services, and court and council news.

Not only has Lisa excelled in journalism, her first children's book, Swimming Along, was published in 2011 and included on The Kids Are Readers Too (KART) Foundation's recommended reading list.

With her UC Sports Media education and stellar athleticism, Lisa has taken her love of sports and writing and turned it into a rewarding career.


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