Jillian Robson
“Have no regrets, work hard, and be happy with your achievement.”


For nearly a decade, Jillian Robson has worked in various jobs across Australia, building her skills and enlarging her network. After graduating from UC in 2014 with her Bachelor of Business in Executive Administration, her professional life was taken to a new level and Jillian secured a new position with The CEO Institute as a Database Coordinator. There, she analyses the current database and tests it against the new one which she helped create. Jillian is deeply involved in the usability, features, and benefits of the new database, and she collaborates with the staff to ensure they'll be getting the most out of the new system. To help implement the system, Jillian tests the database, writes user manuals and conducts training. "The skills I gained from my degree helped me to understand business requirements, work closely with management and comply with the protocols of the organisation," Jillian says. "Most of all, I feel confident now that I have completed my degree and can apply my knowledge to the best of my ability."

Jillian's UC experience was quite unique and she was the first student to graduate from UC's Holmesglen Chadstone Campus. This special collaboration between two great institutions was a major changing point for Jillian and she hopes to someday serve as an ambassador for both schools. "My fondest memory was the letter I received when I was accepted to complete my Business Degree through UC. My time at UC built my confidence further than what I expected it to. I feel as though I can take on the world and accept workplace challenges and go beyond the expectations of the organisation. In regards to my professional achievements, my degree is the best investment I have."


Business and Government