James Taylor
World traveler, freelance writer, photographer, and teacher


It's one thing to read about exotic places and browse pictures online – it's a completely different experience to submerge yourself headfirst into the great big world we live in. For freelance writer and photographer James Taylor, his passion for words and beautiful imagery has taken him on an unforgettable journey across the world.

As a double major at UC, earning his Bachelors in Public Relations Communication, Spanish, and Tourism Management, James was more than equipped to take on a life of adventure and poise. James used UC's remarkable ambassador program to study abroad on two separate occasions, first at the University of Alcala de Henares in their month long intensive Spanish course and later at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, U.S.A for 6 months. "Being able to study in these two completely different cultures made me a little wiser, more independent, and more culturally aware," James says. "Most importantly, it also turned me onto the idea of travel as a career." Needless to say, his overseas friends we're quite amazed that UC has kangaroos that live on campus!

After graduating, James knew that the unexamined life wasn't for him, and with his camera and computer, he hit the open road. He is now a freelance photographer, travel writer and blogger. You can see his pictures and writing on his website, http://www.globaledtravels.com/. In between travelling around Europe and constantly updating his site for his followers, James also works as an English teacher in Murcia City, Spain. As a teacher, he helps prepare students to take the Cambridge English exams, teaching vocabulary and grammar, and teaching adult students business English for their jobs.

Looking back fondly on his UC accomplishments, James says, "My degree in Public Relations has helped me hone my writing skills, helping my blog gain followers every day. I was able to network with all of my professors and receive advice about my writing, and how best to approach the travel writing industry."


Arts and Humanities; Media and Communications