Jacquie Tewes

Jacquie Tewes
Coaching Your Career to a New High!


Jacquie Tewes has had a long and exciting career, from managing accounts at DHL Logistics, serving as the President of ACT Chamber of Women in Business, and now, operating as CEO of her own company, Job Boot Camp. Job Boot Camp is Canberra's premier employment resource centre, helping clients build confidence in their abilities, find high quality employment, and return to work after long breaks. Jacquie's talents as a career coach have helped hundreds of people change their professional lives for the better and find a more rewarding employment. Of course, running your own business isn't easy! "As CEO of Job Boot Camp, I run the entire operation myself, marketing, finance, PR and service delivery!"

One could assume that Jacquie's history with UC was short and sweet, but she has been a lifelong supporter, even before she was a student! Her father, John Paterson, was the manager of the bookstore back when UC was CCAE and Jacquie would help out during breaks. In 1994, Jacquie began her studies in Health Education. After taking a two year break and changing majors to Management, Jacquie finally graduated in 2009, in what she calls "a peak moment in her life". Speaking warmly of UC, Jacquie says "I miss the lovely parks, sculptures and gardens of UC, and the enthusiasm of the students and lecturers. The consistency and quality of the degree program helped me win a fantastic job working with a global company."

In addition to her UC degree, Jacquie also holds a Diploma of Human Resource Management and a Diploma of Business Administration, both from the Australian Business Academy. Outside of running Job Boot Camp, Jacquie is a Facilitator with several local centres, delivering courses in Business Administration, Human Resources, and Professional Advancement.

As a career coach, Jacquie has a bit of advice not just UC students, but for anyone looking for a way to get ahead in their professional goals. "Don't wait to start looking for career opportunities - do it as early as you can. Also, try to study what you are interested in, then you will get better results and be happier."


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