Ibrahim Ismail

Ibrahim Ismail
Revolutionary leader of political and educational reform in Maldives


Ibrahim Ismail is a two-time alumnus of UC with extensive training as an educator and educational administrator. As a native of Maldives, Ibra came to UC to study, forever changing the course of his life. Since graduating and returning to Maldives, Ibra has blossomed into an inspiring and revolutionary educational reformer and politician, while also opening and operating his own private college, Mandhu College.

Upon returning to Maldives, Ibra made education reform one of his top priorities, and he first he worked as a Planner and Researcher at the Ministry of Education, helping revamp educational policy. Later, Ibra went on to lead and initiate changes and updates to Maldives' education curriculum and teacher training. Ibra found new ways to deliver the education students needed and also set up a National Assessment Programme to monitor the quality of education delivery by implementing a strong assessment and school evaluation programme while at the Ministry of Education.

After 10 years of educational service, Ibra experienced a new calling, and he was elected to the Constitutional Reform Assembly in 2004, helping write a new constitution for Maldives. Later, he was elected to parliament and was appointed as Advisor to the President of Maldives. However, political turmoil and unrest erupted in Maldives, and the newly created government was ousted. Since then, Ibra has been fighting for the things he believes in most – human rights, education reform, and the equal treatment of all.

Ibra's work as an educational administrator and policy maker has revolutionised the Maldives education system for the better. For his passionate work towards better human rights, democracy and equality in Maldivian society, Ibra was awarded UC's 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award. Even with the hardships Ibra has experience, he continues to remain positive, and confidently remembers his teachings and experiences from UC. "Throughout all these, I have been continuously inspired through what I learnt from my lecturers and the many friendships I had formed on campus. The years since graduating in 1993 have been eventful, exciting, exhilarating, painful and joyful. I found the meaning of Carpe Diem at UC and have practiced it ever since."