Hemanshu Rai

Hemanshu Rai
“Live the UC Life to the fullest potential”


For an emerging business leader like Hemanshu Rai, attending the University of Canberra was just the first stepping stone on a career of prosperity. "One of my most cherished memories would be my very first stroll of the UC campus," Hemanshu recalls. "I miss the feeling of being on UC's campus that was always buzzing with energy."

After earning his Diploma in Business Management and later his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2005, Hemanshu was immediately hired as a Senior Business Manager with Mercury (International) Pvt. Ltd., a worldwide leader in environmental pollution control and water treatment solutions. This new career was an amazing introduction to the "real world" of business, and Hemanshu was able to prove his capabilities in marketing and customer retention, which expanded Mercury's overall global operations.

After six years of stellar work at Mercury (International), Hemanshu was promoted to Director of Business Development in 2012. In this new role, Hemanshu is instrumental in building new partnerships, foreign relations, research collaborations, and local marketing and outreach programs.

Still fondly attached to his UC roots, Hemanshu is ready to give back as an alumnus, and he is one of UC's newest Alumni Representatives. As the UC Alumni Representative for India, Hemanshu will serve as an ambassador for India's UC alumni, plan special activities, and promote UC's worldwide image.

"UC has so much to offer in terms of flexibility of courses and a plethora of co-curricular activities," Hemanshu says. "I would advise to be active and keep track of all that is happening on campus since there is so much of it that one is bound to be spoilt for choice."

Hemanshu was appointed as the UC Alumni Representative for Mumbai, India in 2015.


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