Gwenda Trueman
Sewing the threads of change from Brisbane

Bachelor of Fashion (Apparel Engineering & Design Innovation), 2014

Gwenda Trueman describes herself as a freelance fashion designer, but this artist has dreams that extend far beyond the threads she sews.

For nearly 20 years, Gwenda has owned and operated Sew n Design in Brisbane. Gwenda specialises in anything from altering wedding dresses to creating completely new and unique costumes and uniforms. Gwenda is also a certified Adult and Continuing Education and Teacher, helping pass on her passion for fashion to other adult learners. Gwenda teaches her students in the use of sewing machines, completing patterns, and developing their own design technique and skills. "Obtaining my Bachelor Degree from UC achieved professional qualifications to accommodate my Diploma of TAE," Gwenda says.

Gwenda's interests transcend the traditional fashion designer, and her most recent ambition is developing apparel for clients with Muscular Dystrophy. Working with physiotherapists, Gwenda is creating clothing that easily adjusts and fits around the physical limitations of her clients. Gwenda's work is also dedicated to educating the world about the perils and plight of sweatshop garment workers, and she actively supports the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

After thirty years in the fashion industry, one might think Gwenda would be ready to move on or wind down, but to her, free time is just an opportunity to work on something else. "Keep going, keep plodding on, one thing at a time," she says.


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