Emily Coates
Owner and Editor, HOORAY!

Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing Communication

Energetic, driven and agile, Emily Coates’ success stems from taking chances, believing in her talent, and actively embracing new challenges.

Equipped with a Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing Communication from UC, Emily’s diverse career has seen her do everything from managing digital campaigns for Cartier, to working on award-winning brand campaigns for the Australian Air Force, to starting her own social media consultancy agency, to buying HOORAY!, an online magazine for lovers of parties and good times.

Exhausted? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Emily has lived her life by two simple rules: have your own back, and just say yes.

‘Take opportunities as they come to you—big or small. You get invited to an event? Go. Someone asks you to get involved in a project? Do it. You never know where these small actions will lead.'

‘Start making your own opportunities and—I promise—more will come your way.’


Management and Marketing