Danielle Dal Cortivo

Danielle Dal Cortivo
‘Raizing the Roof’ and building a future for children

Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations), 2007

Sometimes the smallest roles can lead to career changing moments.

This was the case for Danielle Dal Cortivo, who after working at a consulting company in Canberra as the 'chief filing and hole punching officer', found the key to sparking her love for hard work and fulfilling life goals.

After studying a Bachelor of Communications in Public Relations at the University of Canberra, Danielle spent the next 10 years working in various public service roles before taking the plunge and making a dramatic career change; founding the 'raize the roof' charity and accepting her current role as the CEO of The Asthma Foundation ACT – a job she 'absolutely loves.'

"I absolutely believe every role has provided invaluable experience, knowledge and the opportunity to meet extraordinary people along the way."

After losing her best friend at a young age, Danielle took a volunteering trip with a friend to Tanzania. This combined with her passion for public health, inspired her to set up 'raize the roof' along with her brother Lincoln. Powered by inspiration, innovation and dedication, the passionate charity are committed to improving the lives of children who are 'less lucky than most'.

raize the roof charity is a volunteer-led organisation that provides support services to children who are 'less lucky than most'. Designed to ensure that disadvantaged children all over the world are offered the care and resources to make the most out of their lives and reach their maximum potentials.

"At first people thought my brother and I were completely crazy but the more we authentically shared our vision and what we wanted to achieve, the more people were keen to jump on board."

The charity's main project involves building a Canberra community house, entirely from donated materials and labour, to be auctioned with all proceeds going directly to the Starlight Children's Foundation in the ACT and SOS Children's Villages in Botswana. To date raize the roof has secured land to build on through the ACT Government's Land Rent Scheme, has raised $125,000 from fundraising, events and donations and has more than 50 volunteers working on the project.

Danielle hopes to continue making a difference to the lives of children and working with the Starlight Children's Foundation to increase the ways seriously ill children and their families are supported. Not forgetting her dedication to the work of SOS Children's Villages in Botswana; she envisions herself eventually moving there to contribute to the implementation of projects and to transform the lives of orphaned children.

Danielle encourages students and new graduates to get involved in the public health/non-for-profit sector. She believes they are rapidly expanding industries that enables a diverse range of opportunities to innovate, create and make a difference; the perfect starting point for any career.

She leaves these words of advice…

"Absolutely follow your heart and pursue what inspires you. Jump at any opportunity that comes up! Just say yes and see where it takes you."

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