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The digital side of journalism

At the age of 36, Danielle Harmer has been instrumental in the implementation of digital journalism and the methods in which it can continue to thrive.

Danielle’s career has taken her from Canberra to Sydney to New York and back again having been pivotal in growing iconic websites from The New York Times to The Sydney Morning Herald and finally to her most recent appointment as General Manager of AllHomes.

As a self-proclaimed ‘techy’ with a love for the business side of tech, Danielle saw opportunities early on in her schooling life in the world of business-technology where she had recognised growth and opportunities for innovation well into the future.

Danielle has spent the past ten years driving digital revenue models and growth for media and real estate outlets in the US and Australia, and her achievements are evident across the globe.

In 2009, Danielle arrived in New York City with a CV and nervous ambition. Danielle was fortunate enough to land a position working at The New York Times leading the implementation of a new pay model for online subscribers and building one the first web based digital crossword products, thus digitising the American culture almost overnight.

With media outlets eagerly looking on from around the world, the New York Times set an example for strategies to cement new revenue models ensuring the longevity of traditional media outlets. During her tenure, and as the first ever New York Times digital subscription Product Manager,  Danielle helped to grow digital-only subscribers for The New York Times to over 600,000, now over two million.

“Working in a digital world, I love presenting solutions to millions of users and get a kick out of using data to solve problems and innovate even further”

Throughout her many roles, Danielle often reflects on the importance of growing audiences, revenue and new digital advertising models to sustain quality journalism in Australia. The model Danielle implemented at The New York Times has kicked off a number of new models that ensure publishers remain an independent, quality news source for the world in a time where unbiased and free press is more important than ever.

“As the digital and political landscape changes, I believe Australians deserve  fact-checked, independent and quality news”

Fast forward to 2019, Danielle is blending her career at home in Canberra with three young children whilst growing AllHomes as the newly appointed General Manager.

Danielle is now using her digital experience to inspire Canberrans property decisions.  Working for a great home grown, well respected brand, Danielle’s leadership and experience has already helped Allhomes to reach record audiences and generate record results in terms of user-satisfaction, engagement, revenue and ultimately connecting buyers, sellers and agents.

As Danielle reflects on her achievements to date, she imparts some stoic advice on those wanting to build their careers. “Put yourself out there and put your hand up for opportunities, you’ve got to be in it to win it. If you can find your difference and what makes you unique, then use it as an advantage. If you get the opportunity, don’t feel guilty for using that difference to get ahead”.

Words by Caitlin Judd

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