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Global learning

Your passport to the World

Taking part in a global learning program at UC allows you to advance your academic studies while developing a greater understanding of yourself and the world in which you live.

We make studying overseas easy by helping you to tap into our network of exchange partners across the world and take advantage of funding opportunities that will help finance your international adventure.

International study options


Study at one of our exchange partner universities. UC has exchange partners all over the world! While on exchange you will remain enrolled and pay tuition at UC and get full credit for your study.

Study abroad

You are also free to find a university outside of our exchange partners at which you can study abroad. While studying abroad you will pay tuition fees directly to your chosen university, but you can still apply for credit at UC.

Faculty study tours

Designed and led by UC Faculty members, these short-term programs stretch over two to five weeks and are run like an international field trip. Travel and complete study units at the same time.

Short course tours

Short-term international study courses are also available during summer and winter semester, providing an opportunity to study and travel overseas without disrupting normal study periods.


International internships allow you to gain practical experience while discovering what it's like to live and work overseas. Internships can be organised through UC or independently.

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