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Ginninderry Living Lab Research Framework

Over 40 years Ginninderry will become home to 30,000 people residing in around 11,500 housing options, built at the rate of 300 to 400 homes a year. The Ginninderry vision is to create a sustainable community of international significance in the Capital Region. At the heart of the Ginninderry vision is:

  • a high quality of life for the people living in Ginninderry through project planning and design.
  • a community that exemplifies world’s best practice in its design, construction and long-term liveability.
  • a model of sustainable community living that, as a place and community, can be showcased throughout Australia and internationally.

To deliver on this vision Ginninderry has adopted a living lab framework and is a founding member of the Australian Living Lab Innovation Network (ALLIN).

The aim of this UC/Ginninderry partnership is to develop a research framework for the Ginninderry Living Lab to improve liveability, sustainability and wellbeing in the Ginninderry private (housing) and also public realm over the mid-long term.

Ginninderry is already a 6 Star Green Star Community with a range of housing (e.g. flex living, duo living, ageing in place) and public space options. This Ginninderry/UC project extends on Ginninderry’s commitment to challenging the traditional ‘cookie-cutter’ developer approach with the co-creation of a research framework that would iteratively inform and innovate design and planning in Ginninderry for more responsive private and public land use offerings with improved sustainability and liveability outcomes for owners/residents and the ACT.

Chief Investigators: Dr Bethaney Turner, Professor Barbara Norman, Dr Cathy Hope, Dr Vahri Mckenzie, Dr Kate Bishop (UNSW), Associate Professor Gavin Smith (ANU)
Funder: Riverview Projects 
Partners: University of New South Wales, Australian National University, Riverview Projects