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Multi-faith Chaplaincy Policy
This document sets out the policy for the appointment of chaplains to the University of Canberra’s Multi-faith Centre and provides details of the role of a University Chaplain.
This policy applies to all chaplains appointed to positions in the University of Canberra’s Multi-faith Centre.
  1. The Multi-faith Centre is multi-faith in approach and welcomes chaplains from a range of faith groups.
  2. Chaplains representing different faiths and/or branches of one faith, agree to work cooperatively.
  3. Chaplains appointed to the Multi-faith Centre do not proselytise, but work in a wider faith and spiritual context.  
  4. Any chaplain in the multi-faith team may deal with students and staff members in relation to their general pastoral or personal needs or crises.  The chaplain will, however, generally refer them to a chaplain of their own faith if the issue relates to matters relevant to their particular faith.
  5. The Multi-faith Centre chaplains are available to all members of the University of Canberra community who seek their counsel and support.
  6. The Vice-Chancellor or nominee may grant standing to faith groups to join the University’s Multi-Faith Centre. In determining which faith groups may join, the Vice-Chancellor may take into account the needs of the University community and the current faith groups represented within the Centre.
  7. Chaplains are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor or nominee for a period of two years.  Chaplaincy positions may be renewed at the end of the period.
  8. Chaplaincy positions are volunteer roles and no payments are made to chaplains.
  9. The University will provide relevant support to allow chaplains to undertake their roles. This support will include shared office space and computer and telephone access. The University will also cover the costs of printing and other minor costs relevant to chaplains’ roles as deemed such by the Dean of Students. 
  10. Chaplains will be supervised by the Dean of Students or nominee in undertaking their work.
  11. Chaplains will be provided with access to professional development experiences at the discretion of the Dean of Students.
  12. Chaplains are expected to work in conjunction with staff members at the University as required by the Dean of Students.Chaplains are subject to the terms of all University of Canberra’s policies relevant to their role, in particular the policies shown below in the supporting documentation
Supporting Information:
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