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Recognition of Equivalence in Academic Staff Policy
This policy provides the criteria for professional experience equivalence to Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification types and follows the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Authority requirement that academic staff who teach are qualified to at least one Qualification Standards level higher than the course of study being taught, or that they have equivalent professional experience.
This policy applies to current or prospective academic staff teaching students enrolled in coursework units or courses, whether employed by the University of Canberra, the University of Canberra College or other Third Party Provider.
The policy does not apply to academic staff involved in the supervision of candidates enrolled in University of Canberra higher degrees by research courses. Guidelines for such staff are covered in Higher Degrees by Research: Policy and Procedures (Gold Book).
  1. Although academic staff will normally have the requisite level of qualification, without the need to rely on professional experience to demonstrate equivalence, it is recognised that some disciplines require a combination of registration, experience and qualifications to achieve expert-level professional standards, especially in professional areas where qualification standards have evolved over time, such as Architecture. 
  2. Academic staff who are assessed on a combination of formal qualifications and professional experience must have formal qualifications to at least the same level as that being taught. Professional experience will only be used to assess one Qualification Standards level above that being taught.
  3. Professional experience must be current and relevant to the area being taught.
  4. Where units are co-taught the qualification requirements of teaching staff will relate to the highest level course in which any student in the unit is enrolled.
Who Responsibilities
Deans To submit documentary evidence of prospective or current staff work history, academic qualifications and any other information relevant to applying the policy, for DVCA consideration. To follow up approved exceptions with HR for completion of contracts.
DVCA Office To retain a record of each exception signed off by DVCA, by Faculty, with reasons approved for recognition of academic equivalence.
Human Resources To retain records of staff working history and academic qualifications with the approved reasons for exceptions, within personnel files.

National standards, policy and legislation on which this policy is based are: