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Establishment of Faculty Managed Higher Degree by Research Stipend Scholarships Procedures
1. Purpose:
  1. These procedures have been developed to guide stakeholders in processes relating to the establishment of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) stipend scholarships offered and managed by a Faculty.
2. Scope:
  1. These procedures apply to the staff involved in the administration and management of stipend scholarship offered to HDR students at the University as per the Higher Degree by Research Scholarship and Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship Policy.
3. Procedure:
 Establishment of Scholarship 
  1. All Higher Degree by Research stipend scholarships, including those funded by grants or Faculty funds, must be formally established and approved by the Dean, Graduate Research. This process is facilitated by Graduate Research and involves the development of Conditions of Award.
  2. An HDR stipend scholarship should not be advertised or offered for award without the appropriate approval.
  3. At the development stage, Graduate Research will assist with development of scholarship Conditions of Award and policy compliance advice. Graduate Research can also provide advice on financial implications based on scholarship duration, leave provisions and allowances, and other scholarship related conditions and their implications for funding.
  4. It is assumed that the funding contract or other scholarship decisions have been made (in consultation with Research and Innovation Services where required) before Graduate Research is contacted.
  5. Graduate Research is not involved in negotiating the funding contract or student agreement associated with a funding contract (refer to Research and Innovation Services).
  6. To establish an HDR Scholarship, the Faculty must submit the below documentation to Graduate Research:
  1. Graduate Research will develop the conditions of award in consultation with the Faculty and will facilitate the establishment of scholarship approval process.
  2. Once approved, Graduate Research will:
  1. Contact Faculty and advise of the approval.
  2. Advertise the scholarship on the Research Scholarships webpage (if applicable) and provide advice on application and assessment for scholarship process.
  3. Provide advice on scholarship post-award management by Faculty
  4. Assist with access to Business Intelligence reports to assist scholarship management
  5. Record details of the scholarship and the Conditions of Award centrally.
  6. Record the details of the scholarship recipient/s in Callista (once awarded).
  1. If the scholarship is not approved, Graduate Research will provide feedback to Faculty to rework and resubmit the Conditions of Award checklist.