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Appointing Emeritus Professors Guidelines
These guidelines provide for the conferring of the title Emeritus Professor on professors of the University of Canberra upon retirement or resignation.
Policy Statement
The title Emeritus Professor may, in recognition of distinguished service to the academic life of the University of Canberra, be conferred on any person who holds or has held in the University the rank of professor. 
The title may be conferred on any person who holds or has held the rank of professor in the University normally for a period of at least five years and is about to retire or resign or has retired or resigned.
The title may be conferred on a person who has held the rank of professor at the University of Canberra for less than five years if they have also held that rank at another recognised university and the total period of service as a professor is at least five years.
The title will not normally be conferred if the person is leaving to take up an equivalent position at another university.
The conferring of the title is a means of recognising continuing membership of the University, after the Emeritus Professor has left the service of the University.
An Emeritus Professor shall for all purposes of courtesy and on ceremonial occasions be regarded as a professor of the University, but will not be entitled to any remuneration from the University as a result of this appointment, nor will they be entitled to membership of Academic Board or any other University committee.
The Nominations and Senior Appointments Committee of Council will consider nominations initiated by the Vice-Chancellor.
The Vice-Chancellor may seek advice from the Academic Board or any other appropriate source before recommending an appointment.
The Vice-Chancellor’s recommendation will be accompanied by a statement outlining the candidate’s distinguished service to the University, and if applicable, service in another university.
The appointment will be made, in each case, by resolution of the Council on the recommendation of the Nominations and Senior Appointments Committee.
A record of the appointment of an Emeritus Professor shall be made in the Minutes of the Council meeting at which the appointment is made.
Conferral of the title Emeritus Professor will be by letter signed by the Vice-Chancellor.  The recipient will receive a certificate.
A Roll of Emeritus Professors of the University shall be maintained by the Office of Advancement.
The roll of names shall be published on the University’s web site, with a link provided to the roll in the Annual Report.

Emeritus Professors may use the University Library and other University facilities appropriate to the nature of their involvement with the University which may include office accommodation and access to the University’s IT Network and telephone system.
Emeritus Professors may be eligible for funds to cover cost associated with approved activities which are in directly in the University’s interests.
Emeritus Professors are entitled to a University business card.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Emeritus Professors who are actively contributing to the work of the University will be attached to a relevant Faculty and the Head of that Faculty will be responsible for providing accommodation.