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Student Mental Health Support Policy
The purpose of the University's Student Mental Health Support Policy is to help ensure that the University provides a coherent and supportive institutional approach when responding to students with mental health problems.  The University aims to provide a supportive environment  that will assist students with mental health difficulties to realise their full academic potential and to successfully complete their course.  The University also aims to promote positive mental health and well-being of its student body through a range of educational and support initiatives.
This policy applies to all University of Canberra and University of Canberra College students.
The Student Mental Health Support Guidelines provide information on how to deal with students experiencing mental health difficulties.  The Guidelines, as they exist from time to time, form part of this policy.
  1. The University will provide a range of support services for students with mental health problems.
  2. The University will encourage students with mental health problems to seek support from relevant internal and external support services.
  3. The University will ensure that sources of support are clearly communicated to students.
  4. The University will ensure that sources of support are clearly communicated to staff members.
  5. The University will educate staff to develop informed views, behaviours and attitudes towards students with mental health problems. 
  6. The University will educate teaching staff members to develop informed teaching practices relevant to teaching students with mental health problems.  
  7. Harassment, discrimination or bullying by any member of the University community, including contractors and visitors, against a student on the basis of a mental health condition is prohibited.
  8. The University will have in place effective procedures for the disclosure of information in respect of students with mental health difficulties.
  9. The University will have in place effective procedures for dealing with critical student incidents arising from mental health issues.
  10.  In dealing with students with mental health difficulties, staff members will follow the guidelines provided in the Student Mental Health Support Guidelines.
This Policy is governed by  the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, the University has specific legal responsibilities towards students whose mental health condition falls within the definition of disability under the law. This requires us to ensure that students with a mental illness are not discriminated against and that reasonable adjustments are put in place to support their learning.
Other legislation that informs this policy is:
  • The ACT Discrimination Act (1991)
  • The ACT Human Rights Act (2004)
  • The Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988)
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