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Completion within the Expected Duration of Study for International Students - Procedure
1. Purpose:
This policy sets out the principles the University will observe to assist international students in completing their course within the expected duration of study and is consistent with the intent of the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code 2018) under the terms of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act).
2. Scope:
This policy applies to all international students who are holding a student visa and are enrolled in courses provided by the University of Canberra including students enrolled at the University of Canberra College.
3. Procedure:
  1. Monitoring Course Duration
The University will engage in processes to ensure that international students complete their course within the expected duration specified on the student’s CoE including:
Academic Progress:
  • Students academic progress will be monitored in accordance with the relevant policy and procedure to ensure that they are achieving satisfactory progression within their course as specified on the student’s CoE.
  • To further support the requirement for a student to complete their course within the expected duration specified on their CoE the University will implement early intervention strategies where a student is identified as being at risk of poor academic progress.
Study Load:
  • At the commencement of each compulsory study period the University will produce reports to monitor student enrolment.
  • Students who are identified as not being enrolled in sufficient units to complete their course in accordance with their CoE end date will receive communication in respect of the matter.
Identified students will be required to either:
  • Obtain approval for a reduced load on the basis of compelling or compassionate grounds; or
  • Enroll in sufficient unites to ensure completion of their course in accordance with their CoE end date
Students seeking a reduced load will be required to submit an application, documentary evidence to support their claim and a study plan approved by the relevant course convenor.
  1. Extension of Course Duration
Students who require an extension to their course duration and have a CoE which is about to expire, will be required to submit an application for an extension of their CoE.
Student applications for a CoE extension will be assessed on the basis of:
  • Demonstrated compelling or compassionated grounds, or
  • Any University approved intervention strategy which has been implemented as a result of the student being at risk of not meeting course progression requirements; or
  • The student has a University approved deferral or suspension.
The University may refuse to permit a student to extend the duration of their course where they are unable to demonstrate the requirements detailed above.
  1. Modes of Study
At the commencement of each study period the university will produce reports to monitor students’ enrolment in online units.
Students who have enrolment in any online unit will receive communication from the University outlining that students:
  • Are not permitted to undertake more than one-third of their units online; and
  • Must be enrolled in at least one unit that is not being delivered online in any compulsory study period, unless completing the final unit for their course.
Where a student is identified as breaching the one-third rule the University will contact the student to request that they meet with University staff to resolve their enrolment matter.
Students who do not respond to the request and do not resolve their online enrolment matter will be automatically removed from any online units.  Students should be aware that this action may impact their ability to complete their course within the timeline specified on their CoE as well as their ability to extend their course duration.
4. Roles and Responsibilities:
Who Responsibilities
International Student Support Service • Monitors unit enrolment to ensure students are not under enrolling and thereby extending the duration of their course
• Monitors online study to ensure compliance
• Extends students CoE's and implements intervention strategy
Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President Academic • Policy owner
7. Definitions:
Terms Definitions
CRICOS Official Australian Government website that lists all Australian education providers and registered courses for overseas students
CoE The letter produced on the Department of Education and Training's database which confirms the provider and study arrangement of an international student and permits them to apply for a visa