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Variation of Course Requirements Policy
1. Purpose:
This document sets out conditions under which approval may be granted to an individual student to modify the course requirements specified in the Determination of Course Particulars (DCP) for the course the student is enrolled in, and have the modified requirements count towards completion of the student’s course.
2. Scope:
This document includes the principles for variation of course requirements and applies to all University courses.
3. Principles:
  1. Variations of course requirements (VCR) are to be approved only if it is considered that the substitute unit is consistent with the course objectives and substantially satisfies the knowledge and skills expected to be gained through the unit to be replaced.
  2. A variation of course requirements must not put at risk any professional standing of that course.
  3. Variation of course requirements may be approved where a student wishes to:
    1. replace a unit listed in the DCP of their course on the basis of credit for a unit not listed in the DCP. The unit being replaced in the DCP must be specified;
    2. be exempted from undertaking a unit which is required by their course DCP, because they have completed an equivalent unit but are not eligible to be awarded credit for it. A substitute unit needs to be taken to enable the student to achieve the required credit points for the course; or
    3. seek an extension of the maximum period within which all the academic requirements specified in the DCP for their course must be successfully completed.
  4. Majors and minors affected by a variation of course requirements will only be considered as completed if they comply with the ”Administrative rules for majors, minors and units” contained in the Undergraduate Course Policy and Procedures.
  5. Requests for variations of course requirements which are not consistent with University policies must be approved by the Academic Board or other delegated authority as approved by the Academic Board.
  6. Faculties are expected to monitor VCRs in the Faculty to ensure their appropriate use.
4. Responsibilities:
Who Responsibility
Student Administration
  • Monitors applications for compliance with University policy.
  • Records in detail all authorised variations of course requirements on the Student Management System.
  • Communicates decisions to students on their applications for variation of course requirements.
  • Arranges for Academic Board to note annually any VCRs which authorise an exception to University policy.
Course Convener
  • Assesses the VCR request and approves if so delegated, or refers their recommendation to the dean’s delegate
  • The relevant course convener must provide a written rationale for recommending cases that fall outside policy.
  • If a student wishes to have a required major that is affected by a unit substitution appear on their academic transcript, approval is required from both the head of discipline responsible for the major and the convener of the course in which the student is enrolled.
The Dean’s delegate (as determined by the Dean)
  • Approves or rejects the VCR recommendation for cases that are compliant with policy, except where VCRs are requested for extension of the maximum period of time to complete the academic requirements of the course.
  • Determines whether to endorse and refer to the Chair of the University Education Committee a VCR not compliant with policy.
  • Determines who has the delegated authority to act on their behalf on VCR matters and arranges for this information to be noted by Faculty Board.
Faculty Board
  • May authorise VCRs requesting to extend the maximum period of time within which all the academic requirements for a course must be successfully completed.
  • The Faculty Board will decide and monitor quality assurance measures for the authorisation of VCRs within their Faculty.
Chair of the University Education Committee (or other member of UEC appointed by the Chair for this purpose)
  • Is the delegated authority appointed by Academic Board to approve VCRs that do not comply with University policy provided that such VCRs do not breach the minimum amount of UC study requirements specified in the University of Canberra (Student Conduct) Rules
    (Academic Board has agreed that course completion is permissible where a student is 1 or 2 credit points short of the total number of credit points required for their course as a result of the course having been restructured. It is not necessary to seek individual approvals in these cases but it is necessary to note the reason for the credit point shortfall on the student’s record).
Academic Board
  • Academic Board may authorise VCRs which breach the minimum amount of UC study requirement specified in the University of Canberra (Student Conduct) Rules
  • Academic Board notes yearly VCRs which authorise an exception to a University policy.