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University Payment Card Policy
This document sets out the policy that governs how ‘payment’ cards as outlined in the University’s Payment Card Procedures Manual will be managed.
This policy applies to all:
  1.  Employees, affiliates & students of the University who are issued with a University Payment Card hereafter called Cardholders;
  2. All delegates approving the ‘issuing’ of a card to a cardholder (Director Finance, Senior Manager 2 and above); and
  3. All delegates approving payment card transactions undertaken by Cardholders within their respective cost centres hereafter called Approvers.
The University will provide and support through financial systems and procedures payment card options to enable the University’s teaching, research and business activities to be undertaken in an effective and efficient manner.
Payment Cards will be issued to cardholders’ on the basis of:
  1. identified need as agreed by the senior cost centre delegate (minimum Senior Manager 2)  and or the Director of Financial Services or the Registrar;
  2. to support staff and students travelling on approved University business; and
  3. to support the University’s published procurement procedures manual which states that ‘if possible a credit card should be used as the means of payment for transactions up to and including $3,000’.
University Payment Cardholder Agreement
All new cardholders will be required to certify, in writing prior to the issuing of the card that they are willing to abide by the procedures governing the University payment card(s) as outlined in the University Payment Card Procedures manual, herein after called the University Payment Cardholder Agreement.
All existing cardholders will be provided with a copy of the University Payment Cardholder Agreement and requested to abide by the procedures or return their University payment card.

This policy is implemented through the Payment Card Procedures Manual which sets out procedures and guidelines to manage payment card schemes for the University.
The Director of Finance has responsibility for implementing this policy through the Payment Card Procedures Manual and is authorised to make changes to the Payment Card Procedures Manual in consultation with the Registrar.
Terms Definitions
Authorisation Delegates The University delegate (or entity delegate) who holds the delegation/ responsibility for authorising expenditure undertaken by approved Cardholders.
Business Activity An activity undertaken by an employee (e.g. attendance at a meeting, at a conference, field research, speaking at a lecture) that relates to their work as a University of Canberra employee.
Business Entertainment This is entertainment that is considered essential for the facilitation of University business.  The amount spent on business entertainment should meet the principles contained in Schedule 5 of the Travel Procedures Manual.
Cardholder This is a staff member or approved affiliate (member of council, student or visitor) that has been approved to hold a University Payment Card issued under a University card facility.
Diners Card This is a charge card facility that the University is phasing out in 2011/2012.
Evidence of Expenses This is in the form of detailed invoices and receipts of all expenses incurred prior, during and after travel.  If unavailable the traveller must complete the missing receipts form or the minor receipts form. 
Expense Management System The University’s online expense management system is called iCMS. This system is used for the acquittal, claiming and processing of payment card transactions and cash expenses
Expenses of a personal or private nature Expenses of a personal or private nature are generally not payable by the University.  The ATO views these expenses as ‘expenses’ that would have been incurred when at home.  Whilst an exception (in accordance with Section E of the University travel policy) can be made to approve these expenses from time to time, a fringe benefit liability will most likely be incurred.  For examples of expenses of a personal or private nature refer to Schedule 6 of the Travel Procedures Manual.
Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is a tax paid on certain benefits employers provide to their staff or their staffs’ associates (typically family members). FBT is separate from income tax and is based on the taxable value of the various fringe benefits provided.
GST Compliant Receipt/Invoice Tax Invoice requirements vary, depending on the total $ value of the tax invoice.  
For transactions greater than $1000, the tax invoice must include:
  • The name of the recipient (i.e. University of Canberra);
  • The address or ABN of the recipient, i.e. University of Canberra’s Bruce address or ABN Number).
iCMS The University’s online Expense Management System. This system is used for the acquittal and approval of processing of credit card charges and reimbursement (and approval) of cash expenses
iCMS Delegate Is the financial delegate for an employees’ payroll cost centre.
Preferred supplier agreements Preferred supplier agreements are value for money arrangements backed by specific contractual obligations designed specifically for the University and must be used when undertaking University approval travel or procurement activities.
Reasonable Costs/ Expenses Legitimate work related costs/expenses which are incurred to conduct official business effectively up to the reasonable levels as determined by Financial Services from time to time.
Senior Manager 2 or 3 These are a series of delegation categories introduced by the University in 2009 (as amended from time to time).
UC1 Card Pre-Paid Purse This is the card holders’ pre-paid debit facility available on the University Staff and Student cards with full cash out option.
University Business Activity of a business, educational or professional nature approved by the University.
University Payment Cards University issued corporate credit card (MasterCard), or cash card (Travelex MasterCard Cash Passport) and any other University payment related card, issued by the University from time to time.
University Payment Cardholder Agreement This is the agreement detailed at Schedule 1 of the University Card procedures (as updated from time to time).  It must be signed by all new University Cardholders and outlines their obligations in respect of holding a University payment card.
University Payment Card Portal A payment card home page designed to provide the Cardholder with a single entry point to information pertaining to the University payment card policies and procedures.
University Payment Card Procedures Manual This manual provides a comprehensive set of information and support around the management of the University payment card schemes and the obligations of the Cardholders, Delegates and Financial Services.