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Wiradjuri Preschool & Child Care Centre

About us

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Creative learning through Art

Our Philosophy and Program

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Outdoor Social Play

Kids develop gross motor skills

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Wiradjuri is a Preschool and Child Care Centre located in the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Maths (ESTeM) at the University of Canberra. The Centre operates as an integral part of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) program.

Wiradjuri celebrates its 20-year anniversary. Read full article...

Excellent rating from a federal government agency

Day Book Entry - Yarnin' At Wiradjuri

Don’t forget that we will have a shared Christmas lunch at Wiradjuri this Wednesday. Please send a plate of food for children to share. Suggestions include: fruit sandwiches sausage rolls pizza carrot and celery sticks cheese and crackers With many thanks!

Community Comments - Yarnin' At Wiradjuri

"Gorgeous artwork Robyn! Great use of your favourite colour purple xx"

"😊. Happy to listen to Charlie's paper cut story he shared when I came to drop Mahnoor. He was not willing to put some band aid and flaunted the finger for deep observation. Wish it gets well soon 😊"