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Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri Marrawa

Warlimpirringa Tjapaltjarri

The Artist:

Courtesy of Aboriginal Art

Warlimpirringa Tjapaltjarri is one of Papunya Tula’s most senior artists. He was born east of Kiwirrkura in the late 1950s. In late 1984, Warlimpirrnga and eight other relatives of the Pintupi Tribe walked out of the desert in Western Australia and made contact for the first time with European society.   Described as ‘The Lost Tribe’, he and his family created international headlines. Until this time Warlimpirringa and his family lived the traditional and nomadic life of a hunter-gatherer society. Their intimate knowledge of the land, its flora and fauna and waterholes allowed them to survive, as their ancestors had for thousands of years. It is this sacred landscape with its significant sites that Warlimpirringa so strikingly describes in his paintings.

In 1987 Warlimpirringa completed his first painting for Papunya Tula Artists and in 1988 the first eleven paintings were exhibited at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne. This entire collection was purchased and donated to the National Gallery of Victoria. Warlimpirringa exhibited with Ray James Tjangala at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi in 1999. Exhibitions include ‘Mythscapes (1989) and ‘Friendly Country Friendly People, (1990).
Amongst the many important collections that hold his work is the Kelton Foundation in Santa Monica, USA, the Macquarie Bank, Sydney, Musee des Arts Africians et Oceaniens, Paris and of course the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. His exhibition history is impressive as is the number of influential books in which he is included.
Selected Exhibitions
* 2015 Maparntjarra, Salon 94, NYC
* 2010 Desert Icons, Australasian Arts Project, Singapore
* 2003 Kintore Kiwrrkurra, Melbourne VIC
* 2002 Native Title Business, National Travelling Exhibition AUS
* 1999 Exhibition with Ray James, Tjangala, Melbourne VIC
* 1993 Aboriginal Art Exhibition
* 1991 Friendly Country, Friendly People, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT
* 1990 L’ete Australien a Montpellier, Musee Fabre Gallery, Montpellier, France
* 1989 Mythscapes, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Selected Collections
* Art Gallery of NSW
* Kelton Foundation, USA

* Macquarie Bank, Sydney
* National Gallery of Victoria
* National Musee Des Arts Africains et Oceaniens, Paris, France

Warlimpirrnga Tjapalja Marrawa

The Work of Art;

This work of art, 'Marrawa,' is a major work of art by Warlimpirringa. The work is made of synthetic polymar paint on stretched linen. This is one of a number of designs created by the artist based on the swamp site 'Marrawa' west of Wilkenkarra, Lake Mackay. There are also rockholes and soakage waters at this site. During ancestral times a large group of Tingari men travelled to Marrawa from the west, and after arriving at the site, passed beneath the earth’s surface and continued travelling underground. It is also said that a huge ancestral snake sleeps in this swamp.

Since events associated with the Tingari cycle are of a secret nature no further detail can be given.