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Robin Nelson Drawings

Robin Nelson, Urban drawings

The Artist

Hills Hoist by Robin NelsonSwiss Chard

The Artist & the Works of Art

Unfortunately, very little is known about this artist despite being one of the first artists collected by the University. Two are simple still life compositions. The first is a study of some Swiss Chard leaves in pencil and watercolour. It is a straight-forward line drawing that fills the entire paper. The leaves and stalks are depicted in a good amount of detail and as a whole, provides a pleasing pattern. Loquats and pencils on the other hand l still life composition as the only colour is the loquat berries tin which holds the artist's pencils. I feel that the artist is being a little playful with this still life as the subject draws attention to a used tin of fruit. The next two works of art are studies from the artist's garden. The first represents a hills hoist airer. This ink drawing is much like the Swiss Chard study; it fills the entire canvas. The hills hoist seems to take up much of the artist's garden and view as the fencing panels enclose it. Yet, what the viewer gains here is a sense of different patterns and shapes. The theme is recurrent in 'Small Garden'.  These works were all created between 1973 and 1974 and represent some of the earlier studies in the collection.