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Paul Cavell, Postcard Incident

Paul Cavell, Postcard Incident.

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The Artist

Paul was born in Melbourne in 1946 and studied art receiving a Commonwealth scholarship in 1965 to study  at Melbourne University. In 1967, Paul transferred to RMIT to study graphic design and illustration.  Between 1969 and 1972, Cavel was commissioned as an illustrator firstly for Content Publishing and later CSIRO and the Department of Overseas Trade. In 1976, Paul taught graphic design at Geohagen College and later became an 'artist in residence' where he taught etching, art, screen printing, and linocut. Paul also went onto expand his artistic reportoire by exploring film-making.

Paul Cavell's work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions from 1974 onwards. These included a one-man exhibition of drawings and acrylic paintings at the Queensberry Street gallery, Carlton, in 1977 at the Wiregrass Gallery and in 1981 in Eltham. His works are represented in public, corporate and private collections including Artbank, ANZ Bank Collection, National Library, and the New Parliament House Collection..

Postcard Incident

The Work of Art: Postcard Incident

Post-card incident is a typlical Cavell work and represents a vibrant and active scene. Like many of Cavell's other works, it is bold with much to see and movement. The room looks out onto a seashore with sails on the sea and beach balls in the room on the decking. There is a sense distortion in the scene with the wooden stand for the flowers compared to the ornate pillar to the right. The work of art was painted oil on canvas in 1989 and was acquired by the University in October 2000 following its inclusion in an exhibition at the Raglan Gallery, Cooma.  This represents the only Cavel work in the Art Collection.