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Colin Jordan, Intruder

Colin Jordan, Intruder

The Artist

Colin Jordan was born in 1935 and initially studied to become a teacher at the Balmain Teachers College between 1954 and 1955 before going onto study at the Sydney University. Although he trained as a teacher, Jordan painted and sculpted works although he had no formal artistic training. His first solo exhibtiion was held in 1966 in Sydney and has gone onto exhibit across Australia, South East Asia and Europe. Jordan's works of art are represented in the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Queensland Art Gallery as well as many other institutions and universities.

Intruder by Colin Jordan

The Work of Art

Colin Jordan's 'Intruder' is one of his earlier works of art. Painted in 1974 using synthetic polymer paint on canvas, it is a bright and vibrant work of art befitting perhaps pop-art of the period. Jordan uses bright colours and patterns in his style sometimes with the use of text to underline the nature of the composition. Is Intruder meant to be the visual effects of a security alarm? Different shades of red denote the siren whilst repeated intruder text denotes an unwanted presence. A similar effect can be seen in anther of Jordan's works (created about the same time), 'Formula' believed to be held in a private collection. Although Jordan's style gradually changes, his use of bright vibrant colours stays much the same.

Formula by Colin Jordan Weaver by Colin JordanTree Window by Colin Jordan

Squares defending their independence by Colin Jordan


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