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Bernard Hardy, Woolwinder

Bernard Hardy, Woolwinder

Bernard and Christopher by Bernard Hardy

The Artist

According to Bernard Hardy in 2011, Art cannot be defined. Art's form and content through its manifestations are so varied, except to say that its principal characteristic is its power to move our feelings beyond its material components in such a way as to excite wonder, a sense of the strange, an awareness of the shaping powers of an artists as image maker.1

Woolwinder by Bernard Hardy

The Work of Art

Created in created in 1992 and acquired by the Art Collection in Woolwinder  is a still life made of an everyday object portrayed in an abstract manner. The still life can be deconstructed into a series of shapes through different textiles and shadows. Much like his other works, Hardy uses colour, composition and  abstracted everyday things  to bring across playful bright images.  In a recent retrospective exhibition of his works at the 'Left-hand Gallery',  two works, Western Approaches and Lattice-work relate Hardy's interest in abstracted still life and realism and the patterns they create.2

Western Approaches by Bernard Hardy Latticework by Bernard Hardy


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