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ISBN Allocation

Allocation of ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers)

The University of Canberra Library acts as the agent for Thorpe Information Services, the ISBN agency in Australia, allocating ISBNs for University publications only.

An ISBN identifies one title, or edition (or version) of a title, and is unique to that title or edition. Once allocated, an ISBN should never be used again, even if the title to which it was originally allocated has long been out of print.

Publications eligible for an ISBN may take the form of printed material, computer tapes, some software, some compact disks, films and on-line and digital formats. For more information consult the ISBN Users' Manual

To qualify for an ISBN from the University, the publication must have the University imprint and be available for sale or distribution outside the University.

To comply with the University deposit collection guidelines, two copies of the publication must be sent to the Library. One copy will be held in the University deposit collection and the other will be catalogued and made available for loan.

There is also an obligation to lodge a copy of your publication with the National Library of Australia.

For advice about Electronic publications contact Orders.

To apply for an ISBN for a University of Canberra publication please fill out the ISBN Allocation Form

ISBNs for other publications can be purchased online from the national agent.

For enquiries about ISBNs at the University of Canberra, please contact Orders