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ISBN Allocation


The University of Canberra Library acts as the agent for Thorpe-Bowker Identifier Services (the ISBN Agency of Australia), allocating ISBNs for University publications.

An ISBN identifies one title, or edition (or version) of a title, and is unique to that title or edition. Once allocated, an ISBN should never be used again, even if the title to which it was originally allocated is out of print.

Publications eligible for an ISBN are one-off publications (not those intended to be regularly updated and to continue indefinitely such as journals or newspapers), which are predominantly text based. They may be books (print or digital), reports, software, films, videos etc. For more information consult the ISBN Users' Manual.

To qualify for an ISBN from the University, the publication must have the University imprint and be available for sale or distribution outside the University. ISBNs for other publications can be purchased online from the national agent.


To apply for an ISBN for a University of Canberra publication please fill out the ISBN Allocation Form.

There is no cost associated with this service.

The Library recommends the copyright statement reads:

© University of Canberra, 202X

and the following statement be included:

The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the University of Canberra.


Once a university ISBN is received the following obligations apply:

For print publications:

  • Send two copies to UC Library. One copy will be held in the University Deposit Collection and the other will be catalogued and made available for loan.
  • Lodge one copy (Legal deposit) with the National Library of Australia.

For electronic publications:

For enquiries about ISBNs at the University of Canberra, please contact Library Orders.