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International Travel (for staff and HDR students) Policy
1. Purpose:
  1. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the University exercises its duty of care in relation to the health and safety of staff when travelling and working overseas on University business, and that staff are well prepared for overseas assignments. This policy applies regardless of whether the travel is financially supported by the university, under a research grant or by other means.
2. Scope:
  1. This policy covers all staff, contractors, volunteers and others who travel under the University's authority to conduct the activities, or further the interests of the University of Canberra.
  2. University travelers include those representing the University of Canberra, either through, but not limited to:
    • undertaking research or fieldwork activities
    • the delivery and development of domestic and offshore teaching and learning activities
    • consultancy or working with colleagues on research,  projects or teaching developments
    • international programs
    • professional staff development e.g. participation in/organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops
    • undertaking recruitment, marketing and business development activities
    • the development and maintenance of formal relations/networks with, or participation in an official capacity in the activities of, other universities, institutions, governments, organisations and associations
    • participating in external secondments approved and funded by the University
    • participating in community service, for example as an examiner, adviser, unpaid consultation or presenter of seminars or lectures in an official capacity
    • use of/demonstration of specialised equipment or facilities.
  3. This policy does not cover students (refer to the International Mobility (for students) Policy).
3. Principles:
  1. The principles relevant to this policy are:
    • all staff travel is work-related and provides a benefit to the University
    • staff must complete the destination approval form and finance travel form to seek approval for international travel
    • all travel must be approved, adhering to delegations, prior to any bookings being made
    • health and security risks must be assessed prior to each overseas trip being undertaken and prior to travel being approved
    • staff must register with International SOS prior to travelling
    • if a DFAT or ISOS alert increases prior to, or during travel, the traveller must liaise with their Dean/Director and must follow any instructions issued by the University or International SOS
    • staff are fit to travel before undertaking any overseas travel
    • staff are responsible for their own safety by preparing for and taking appropriate care while travelling, and are required to acknowledge all travel warnings
    • staff are responsible for information security while travelling overseas, by taking appropriate precautions to protect electronic and hardcopy information.
  2. The University reserves the right to withdraw approval, restrict or cancel travel having regard to health warnings, security warnings and other information provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) or other reliable sources.
  3. It is the traveller’s responsibility to be mindful of potential risks in the local area and to act in a manner that will minimise harm to the traveller.
  4. As stated in the University of Canberra Enterprise Agreement 2015-2018 section 45.5 Academic Staff working off-shore for the University will continue to be employed as Academic Staff of the University, with full rights and obligations under this Agreement and University policies.
  5. While on University business, the University’s Charter of Conduct and Values applies whilst travelling to, from and at any business travel destination.
4. Legislation:
This policy is governed by the University of Canberra Act 1989.
6. Definitions:
Terms Definitions
DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
International Travel Travel to any destination outside Australia
Traveller A University staff member, student, councillor, consultant or other person, approved to undertake travel on behalf of the University. 
University University of Canberra
8. Notes:
More information and guidance relating to staff travel can be found on MyUC in the UC Travel Portal.