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Tobacco Free University Policy
The University has a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, students and visitors.
Our behaviours, internally and as an institution, will continue to reflect the principle that as a community we should be an exemplar of the way that societies around us must act if the world is to be a just place and the planet is to be sustainable (Strategic Plan 2013-2017).
The objective of this policy is to establish and promote a healthy workplace and learning environment. Social responsibility in discouraging both tobacco use and support for the tobacco industry.
This policy applies to:
  • all persons whilst on University controlled premises or land;
  • all premises or land owned or controlled by the University; and
  • all vendors, contractors and commercial tenants operating in or on University owned or controlled premises and land.
Tobacco free environment
  1. All staff, students and visitors of the University are entitled to a healthy workplace and learning environment.
  2. Tobacco use is prohibited in all University vehicles and on University controlled Premises or Land.  This includes University approved fieldwork activities where other persons may be exposed to tobacco smoke.
  3. The University is committed to establishing a working and learning environment that is free from the promotion and encouragement of tobacco use.
In order to meet these principles, the University will:
  • phase out the previously established designated smoking areas so that defined areas of the University will be tobacco-free;
  • encourage the provision and usage of evidence-based cessation support services;
  • end the advertising, promotion or sale of tobacco products in any form on its premises or in its grounds;
  • not accept funds for research projects, grants, student scholarships or other material considerations from the tobacco industry or related third parties;
  • prevent University officials, staff, advisors or other persons representing the University from accepting gifts or entering into any arrangement, association or partnership with representatives of the tobacco industry, either directly or indirectly; and
  • not invite companies that manufacture or sell tobacco products to participate in campus careers fairs or other vocational or recruitment activities.
This policy is governed by the:
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (ACT);
  • Work Safety Regulations 2011;
  • Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Places) Act 2003 (ACT)
  • University of Canberra Act 1989 (ACT)
In developing this policy the University had regard to the the ACT Government’s Future directions for tobacco reduction in the ACT 2013-2016, and the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018.
Terms Definitions
Tobacco Use For the purpose of this policy, tobacco use also refers to:
  • Any method of consuming by combustion of tobacco, plant material, herbs, or drugs using any utensil or apparatus including cigarettes, pipes or cigars
  • E-cigarettes
  • Chewing tobacco.
Tobacco Industry Organisations directly involved in the production, manufacture, marketing and/or promotion of tobacco or related products.
University Controlled Premises or Land includes, without limitation, premises or land that are owned by, or occupied by the University under a lease and which may be occupied by tenants of the University under a lease or sublease arrangement, but excludes land leased by the University to a tenant under a sublease of land (e.g. land within the Campus Community project and other commercial land projects of the University) or other land determined by the University to be controlled by others.