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Remuneration and Benefits Policy
This policy is currently under review to align content with the University of Canberra Enterprise Agreement 2019-2022.

In its Strategic Plan 2013-18 the University aims to transform UC through a strategy of change and growth. A policy to attract and retain exceptional Academic and Professional staff will contribute to realising that aim.
The purpose of the Remuneration and Benefits Policy is to provide attractive conditions of employment for its staff. This policy supports the University's strategic objectives by supporting the attraction and retention, recognition and rewarding of staff through remuneration and a range of other employee benefits to be:
  • Competitive in Australia
  • Truly international
  • World ranked.
This policy applies to University of Canberra employees excluding employees engaged on a senior management contract.
This policy is intended to operate in conjunction with other University policies and the Enterprise Agreement.
Operating Principles 
Terms and conditions of employment with the University in relation to remuneration and benefits are based on the following principles:
  1. Remuneration, conditions of employment and benefits attract, retain, recognise and reward high performance by staff members and contribute to the achievement of the University strategic objectives;
  2. Remuneration, conditions of employment and benefits comply with relevant legislation, employment instruments and industrial obligations;
  3. Remuneration levels and conditions of employment are reviewed in accordance with the University strategic and operational requirements and reflect the broader labour market and economic environment in which the University operates;
  4. Remuneration practices are fair and inclusive with transparent processes and the confidentiality of information is maintained in accordance with privacy requirements;
  5. Financial and non-financial rewards motivate staff to achieve high performance and where possible are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the University;
  6. Staff entitlements and requests are managed in a way that takes into account strategic and operational requirements.
Approval for remuneration and benefits
A delegate must exercise their delegation to approve the provision of these benefits in accordance with the Delegations – Human Resources Matters.
Approvals of remuneration and benefits beyond those provided for in the Delegations – Human Resources Matters require endorsement of the Director - Human Resources and approval by the Vice-Chancellor.
The delegations for matters pertaining to additional remuneration and benefits are:
Salary Loading
Approve salary and/or benefit loading for positions/individuals greater than a total additional value of 10% of substantive base salary Vice-Chancellor
Approve salary and/or benefit loading for positions/individuals up to a total additional value of 10% of substantive base salary Dean or Director (in consultation with Director of Human Resources)

Additional Remuneration
From time to time consideration for additional remuneration outside of the standard remuneration packages can be presented for approval. The available categories are:
Category Criteria Value Limit
Market Loading 
  • Attract and/or retain high performing employees who are either in high demand or short supply and have the expertise and experience required to assist the University of Canberra to achieve its strategic objectives (including clinical requirements)
  • The labour market salary comparison is higher than the University remuneration framework
  • Up to 20% of base salary for a fixed period of 2 years (may include noncash benefits)
Performance Loading
  • Distinguished Professor recognition for current Professors who have:
    • made an exceptional and sustained contribution to research and scholarship at the University; and
    • b) through leadership has made a significant difference to the academic life of the institution
  • As per Distinguished Professors Policy 3334
Additional Duties
  • Administrative loading for undertaking additional responsibilities of designated positions such as Associate/Deputy Dean
  • Higher duties allowance
  • Up to a maximum of 10% in addition to substantive base salary
  • As per EA Clause B11

The circumstances upon which the decision to support additional remuneration will be made on a case by case basis on the basis of supporting evidence. Submissions for consideration to the delegate must include:
  • A nominator approved statement of claim that outlines the reasons for consideration why the nominee should be considered for additional remuneration and/or benefit; and
  • A full curriculum vitae of the nominee including qualifications and employment history and any other relevant information; and
  • Proposed additional remuneration and/or benefit sought coupled with current remuneration package for the nominee.
Supporting Information:
Policy Review
This policy will be reviewed at least every three years.
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