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Student Representative Council Rules
The University of Canberra Student Representative Council (UC SRC) will act as the elected student body that both facilitates and enables communication and engagement between the University of Canberra (University) and its student community.
To enable the UC SRC to achieve this purpose, it must be informed and led by the University student community, reflective of the University student community and enabled to articulate its position to the University.
As a vital leadership group of the University, students elected to the UC SRC (Student Leaders) must be respected members of the student community and accountable to both the student community and the University. 
The University believes the development and delivery of services and campus life informed by an engaged student community is fundamental to its goal of creating a quality university experience for its students. An effective and highly functioning student representative leadership group will assist in achieving this goal.
  1. Structure and Ownership
    1. This document is a Policy made by Council and is known as the “UC Student Representative Council Rules” (Rules). 
    2. These Rules govern both the establishment of the UC SRC by the University and its operation and functions. 
    3. These Rules and all decisions made by the UC SRC shall be binding on every member of the University student community.
    4. The name of the UC SRC shall be the “University of Canberra Student Representative Council” and the UC SRC is constituted under these Rules.
    5. The UC SRC operates within the portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic of the University.
    6. The UC SRC must ensure that any constituent documents developed for the UC SRC must refer to these Rules and comply with these Rules.
    7. The University reserves the right to alter or amend these Rules from time to time following prior consultation with the UC SRC. Any alteration or amendment to these Rules requires the approval of the University Council (subject to any delegation of this function by Council).
  2. Role
    1. The role of the UC SRC is to:
      1. represent the student community and act as a communication channel between the University and the student community;
      2. actively contribute to University decision making in promoting a positive student experience;
      3. inform the Vice-Chancellor and President and other University decision makers about emerging issues for students;
      4. provide input into the development of policies and services that support students and advance the quality of learning and research activities at the University;
      5. engage with the University student community to encourage student feedback and share University initiatives resulting from student feedback; and
      6. participate in the organisation and implementation of student educational, cultural, welfare and sporting initiatives, events, services and other campus life activities within the University. 
  3. Functions
    1. The functions of the UC SRC include:
      1. engaging with both the University’s governing bodies and the University student community on:
        1. the allocation of the Student Services Amenities Fee by the University;
        2. the education quality and standards of the University;
        3. the policies and procedures of the University;
        4. the physical, cultural and technological learning environments of the University; and
        5. student retention and engagement;
      2. participating on the University’s governing bodies including the University Council and Academic Board, as appropriate;
      3. keeping proper accounts of property and of all moneys received and expended by the UC SRC and, upon request of the University, cause the accounts to be audited;
      4. preparing annual accounts and publishing such accounts in the first University semester of each year and presenting these accounts for noting at the UC SRC meeting following publication.  The UC SRC shall forward each year to the University a copy of these annual accounts following the noting of the accounts at the UC SRC meeting;
      5. increasing the level of meaningful student engagement with campus events and in the local community including by participation on relevant University committees;
      6. providing information, advice and advocacy on behalf of students; and
      7. publishing a student magazine.
  4. Obligations of the University
    1. To facilitate the administrative operations of the UC SRC, the University will:
      1. administer the election of Student Leaders to the UC SRC in accordance with the UC SRC Election Procedures;
      2. administer operational funding to the UC SRC and provide guidance on financial matters in accordance with the University requirements;
      3. nominate and make available a professional staff member to provide ongoing administrative and financial assistance; and
      4. provide annual Student Leader scholarships and other leadership development training for elected Student Leaders.
    2. To enable the UC SRC to undertake its role and perform its functions, the University will:
      1. invite Student Leaders to contribute to initiatives or actions of the University which seek to improve of the educational experience of all students;
      2. include Student Leaders, as appropriate, in the functions of certain University decision making bodies; and
      3. include and assist Student Leaders in the planning and delivery of campus events and making connections with the local community.
    3. The University will ensure, as required by legislation, the participation of Student Leaders in any committee or group which allocates the Student Services Amenities Fee.
  5. Finance
    1. The University will work with the UC SRC to generate an annual budget proposal for delivery to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic for approval by October in each calendar year which details all anticipated revenue and expenditure of UC SRC for the forthcoming calendar year.
    2. All funding requests or the incurring or payment of an expense by UC SRC must be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic or delegate in accordance with the relevant processes and policies of the University from time to time.
    3. The University will create appropriate cost centres for the UC SRC and record all financial transactions, in accordance with University policies to ensure transparency and appropriate control.
    4. The Executive Officers must engage with a nominated University staff member with an appropriate financial background who will be accountable for ensuring that the UC SRC is properly managed from a financial perspective and Student Leaders comply with their financial reporting obligations.  This person will assist the Treasurer in carrying out their obligations.
  6. Elections
    1. The University student community shall annually elect, from among themselves, student representatives to the UC SRC and, as appropriate, other governing bodies of the University in accordance with the UC SRC Election Procedures (refer Procedures).
    2. The UC SRC shall consist of the students elected in accordance with the UC SRC Election Procedures.
    3. Students elected to the UC SRC will be called Student Leaders.
    4. Student Leaders may only hold office for an aggregate total of three (3) years.
  7. Obligations
    1. Student Leaders are, at all times, bound by these Rules.
    2. Student Leaders must not bring the University or UCU Ltd into disrepute and, at all times, act in accordance with the University’s Statutes, rules, policies and codes of conduct.
    3. Student Leaders are only entitled to continue to hold their position on the UC SRC while they meet the Eligibility Criteria (refer section 10).
    4. Where amenities, services and facilities are to be provided through funding allocated by the University or UCU Ltd to the UC SRC, Student Leaders must ensure that the funds are allocated and applied to the purposes for which they are made available.
  8. Officers
    1. At the first meeting of the UC SRC following an election, the Student Leaders shall elect, by secret ballot, the Executive Officers for the period to the date of the UC SRC meeting which directly follows the next election of Student Leaders. Should the position of an Executive Officer become vacant, the Student Leaders must promptly elect an Executive Officer to fill the vacancy.
    2. The Executive Officers of UC SRC shall be the:
      1. President;
      2. Vice-President;
      3. Treasurer; and
      4. Secretary.
    3. The President shall;
      1. be appointed the Chairperson of all meetings of the UC SRC;
      2. represent and speak on behalf of the UC SRC at meetings, functions, hearings and enquiries of the UC SRC, the University and its governing bodies or third parties; and
      3. maintain overall supervision of the administration and finances of the UC SRC.
    4. The Executive Officers shall be empowered to make decisions for and on behalf of, and to carry out the functions of, the UC SRC provided that any decision must be approved by at least two (2) of the Executive Officers and not be inconsistent with the UC SRC Rules or the University’s Statutes, Rules, policies and codes of conduct.
    5. The Executive Officers must appoint, at the first meeting of the UC SRC following an election, all other representatives or Officers of the UC SRC (Officers), as appropriate. At this meeting, the Executive Officers must appoint the following Officers for the period to the date of the UC SRC meeting which directly follows the next election:
      1.  a women’s Officer;
      2. a diversity Officer;
      3. two (2) SSAF Officers;
      4. two (2) events Officers;
      5. two (2) sports Officers; and
      6. a media Officer whose office will include responsibility for the publishing of the University student magazine.
    6. Student Leaders may hold more than one (1) Office concurrently.
    7. Officers must participate in all committees and initiatives of the University or UCU Ltd relating to their specified office and assist those committees in the furtherance and attainment of their objectives.  Should the position of an Officer become vacant, the Executive Officers shall promptly appoint an Officer to fill the vacancy.
  9. Meetings
    1. The frequency, timing and procedures of meetings shall be determined by the Executive Officers but there must be no fewer than four (4) meetings of UC SRC during any teaching period.
    2. The presence of at least fifty per cent (50%) of Student Leaders eligible to be present at a meeting of the UC SRC shall constitute a quorum and enable business to be undertaken at that meeting.
    3. Questions arising at a meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of Student Leaders present at the meeting.  When the votes are equal, the question shall pass in the negative.
    4. The Executive Officer appointed as Secretary shall call all meetings of the UC SRC and ensure that minutes are properly kept and maintained of all business and proceedings at these meetings/ 
  10. Eligibility Criteria
    1. In order to be eligible for nomination and continuing membership of the UC SRC, a student must satisfy the following criteria (Eligibility Criteria);
      1. be enrolled in a course or higher degree by research at the time of nomination or during the term of their appointment;
      2. not be subject to academic probation at the time of nomination or during the term of their appointment;
      3. not be suspended or excluded under any Statute or Rule at any time;
      4. not be found to have engaged in misconduct under the University of Canberra (Student Conduct) Rules 2015 at any time; and
      5. not be ineligible to carry out the functions of their role due to the operation of any Statute or Rule.
    2. A student who no longer meets the Eligibility Criteria or resigns from the UC SRC will immediately cease being a Student Leader and member of the UC SRC and will no longer be eligible for any scholarship or training associated with this role.
  11. Scholarships
    1. UC Student Leaders shall receive a UC Student Leader Scholarship.
    2. The terms and value of a UC Student Leader Scholarship will be determined annually by the Vice Chancellor.