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International Travel Destination Approval and Insurance (for staff and HDR students) Procedure
The purpose of these procedures is to:
  • outline the steps required for staff to obtain destination approval for overseas travel
  • outline the steps required for staff to be adequately insured whilst travelling.
  • These procedures cover all staff, contractors, volunteers and others who travel under the University's authority to conduct the activities, or further the interests of the University of Canberra.
  • These procedures do not cover students.
  • These procedures do not cover financial approval for international travel.
  • The traveller seeking approval to undertake international travel must complete Part 1: Travel Summary of the International Travel: Destination Approval Form. A new form must be completed for all trips, even if the traveller has been to the same destination before. This part of the process includes checking the destination alert levels published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and International SOS (ISOS). The alert levels are set out below. 
    1. DFAT  - for more information go to the DFAT website
      • Level 1 – Exercise normal safety precautions
      • Level 2 – Exercise a high degree of caution
      • Level 3 – Reconsider your need to travel
      • Level 4 – Do not travel
    2. International SOS – for more information go to the International SOS website
      • Low
      • Medium
      • High
      • Extreme
  • The traveller must check insurance arrangements for the proposed destination (see further guidance in the Insurance section below).
  • The traveller is required to complete the declaration in the Destination Approval Form. In order to proceed with the approval, all sections of the declaration must be completed.
  • Depending on the risk rating of a country, the traveller may be required to complete additional sections of the form. The table below sets out which parts of the form must be completed.
DFAT 1 or 2 and/or ISOS Low or Medium
  • Part 1: Travel Summary
DFAT 3 or 4 and/or ISOS High or Extreme
  • Part 1: Travel Summary
  • Part 2: Risk Assessment
DFAT 4 and/or ISOS Extreme
  • Part 1: Travel Summary
  • Part 2: Risk Assessment
  • Part 3: Business Case
  • Once the form has been completed by the traveller, it must be provided to the appropriate Dean/Director (or delegate) to seek approval.
  • Where a destination has an alert of DFAT 4 or ISOS Extreme, the Dean/Director (or delegate) should consider whether to recommend the destination for approval by the If the destination is recommended, the form must be sent to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Students and Partnerships for approval.  Note: members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Group are required to seek approval for travel from the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Once travel has been approved, a copy of the signed form must be kept by the traveller and the Faculty/Business Unit.
  • The traveller should now begin the financial approval process for travel and complete a Finance Travel Approval Form. Refer to the University of Canberra Travel Procedures Manual and the University of Canberra University Business Travel and Entertainment (when travelling) Policy for guidance.
  • A copy of the signed Destination Approval Form must be sent to Finance and Business Services (Finance) with a copy of a completed Finance Travel Approval Form.
The University’s Business Travel Insurance Policy covers all UC staff undertaking approved travel. Travel insurance is automatic if you are:
  • a UC staff member (permanent, temporary or casual)
  • travelling > 50 kilometres from home
  • travelling outside Australia for no longer than 365 days, and
  • on authorised University travel.
Travellers should consider purchasing extra travel insurance if:
  • travel exceeds 365 days or if Incidental Private Travel exceeds 50% of the trip.
Travellers should check the policy terms and conditions prior to departure to determine if the coverage meets individual needs – note: some exclusions do apply (refer to Policy Wording & Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)).
If you are traveling to a sanctioned country, please inform the Insurance office at insurance@canberra.ed.au prior to booking travel arrangements to ensure you have appropriate cover for your travel. 
A summary of insurance coverage can be found in the Travel Insurance for Staff information flyer. These are located on the staff portal.
In the case of any injury or loss whilst overseas, the following details must be collected and recorded  if available to assist in assessing a claim:
  • police or transport provider report number
  • witness details (if any)
  • invoices and receipts for expenses related to the incident
  • medical certificates
  • treating practitioner contact details
  • proof of ownership.
Do not admit liability even if you think you are at fault - the Insurer is entitled to deny a claim or pay a reduced amount if statements made by you prejudice the Insurer’s position.

  • International SOS provides travellers with assistance in preparing for travel and support once overseas. Travellers can also access the TravelTracker service to keep up to date with travel health and security related information for relevant travel destinations.
  • Travellers are to register with International SOS (ISOS) prior to travel www.internationalsos.com and quote UC Corporate Membership No 12AYCA000058.
  • A wallet card containing medical and emergency contact details is available from each Faculty/Business Unit.
  • For emergencies, please contact International SOS for assistance. For non-emergencies, notify UC Insurance Office by completing an - Insurance Request Form.
  • Report all injuries, accidents, hazards and near misses to Work Health & Safety. Please contact the UC Insurance Office using the online form - Insurance Request Form.
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Completing the destination approval form
  • Checking the DFAT and ISOS alert levels for the proposed destination
  • Checking insurance arrangements
  • Adhering to the statements within the declaration
  • Seeking appropriate approval
  • Keeping a signed copy of the approval form
  • Submitting a copy of the approval to Finance with the Finance Travel Form
Faculty or Business Unit
  • Keeping a copy of the signed approval forms for Faculty or Business Unit members
Dean/Director or delegate
  • Considering the request for approval/recommendation and authorising as appropriate
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Students and Partnerships
  • Considering requests for approval for destination with alerts of DFAT 4 and/or ISOS Extreme
  • Considering requests for destination approval from members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Group
Finance and Business Services
  • Keeping a central record of the signed approval forms
  • Auditing and reporting compliance
Implementation and Reporting:
These procedures are available to staff on the policy database located on the staff portal. Staff will be made aware of the process via the on-line travel portal, workshops and communication through the staff bulletin. Regular audits may be carried out to monitor compliance to the destination approval process and staff adherence to insurance arrangements.
Governing Policy and Legislation:
These procedures are governed by the University of Canberra Act 1989 and the International Travel (for staff and HDR students) Policy ).
Supporting Information:
Supporting documentation for these procedures includes:
  1. International Destination Approval Form
  2. International Destination Approval Flow Chart
  3. On-line Travel Portal
  4. The Travel Risk and Insurance web page
  5. DFAT website
  6. International SOS website
Links Notes
Further guidance and forms relating to travel are located on MyUC in the On-line Travel Portal.
DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
International travel Travel to any destination outside Australia
Traveller All staff, contractors, volunteers and others who are proposing to travel internationally under the University's authority to conduct the activities, or further the interests of the University of Canberra
University University of Canberra