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Posthumous Awards Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide information on the posthumous conferral of awards while ensuring that the standards of the University are maintained with regard to an appropriate level of academic achievement.
This policy applies to students enrolled in a University of Canberra award course at the time of their death.
  1. The University will recognise the achievements of students who have died after the completion of the requirements for an award but before the conferral of the award.
  2. The University may recognise the achievements of students who have died while in the final stages of study for an award subject to satisfying the conditions set out in this document.
  3. The Council may determine that an award of the University be awarded posthumously and in such manner as it sees fit.
  4. Anyone may initiate a request for a posthumous award for a student who was enrolled at the University at the time of their death.
  5. Communication with the deceased student’s representatives or family must be conducted with a high degree of discretion and sensitivity and must avoid giving an unreasonable expectation of the final outcome of the formal request for the award of a posthumous degree.
Who Responsibility
Council Admit a student to a posthumous award.
Academic Board Certify a student is awarded a posthumous award.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor & VIce-President (Research & Innovation) Assess eligibility for posthumous award for higher degree by research students.
Director, Student Life
  • Assess eligibility for posthumous awards for coursework students.
  • Make recommendations to Academic Board on the granting of a posthumous award.
  • Oversee the progress of the application.
  • Arrange appropriate notification of the outcome of the request for a posthumous award to the representative of the deceased student.
Director, Student Connect  (or nominee)
  • Arrange for the conferral of the award as appropriate.
  • Record the conferral of the award in the student management system.
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