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STEM Education Research Centre (SERC)

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education Research Centre, led by Centenary Professor Tom Lowrie, focuses on innovations in technology and STEM education research. Our mission is to influence policy and practice through applied social and cognitive research situated within contextually-bounded settings. Our research covers three overarching themes:

Mathematical Sciences and Technology: STEM Pedagogy and Practice.

Our researchers examine STEM practice(s) in context. We investigate how school and out-of-school learning opportunities and situated environments influence the way in which students solve tasks and problems. We explore the role of spatial thinking in STEM education through innovative research programs.

Policy and Leadership: Comparative Studies.

In this theme, we consider STEM-related policies, cultures and work practices. In particular, we study how school systems, educational leaders, classroom teachers and their students interact under varied conditions and circumstances. Projects are conducted in a comparative manner to examine dimensions associated with geographic location, cultural beliefs and equity, and international policy and leadership perspectives.

Learning Environments and Communities: Design Processes and Digital Technologies.

Given the trend toward using digital technologies, our research in this area explores how technological platforms and tools influence the way in which information is collected, represented, accessed, analysed and interpreted.