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OS Help


What is OS-Help?

OS‑HELP is a loan available to eligible students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place who want to undertake some of their study overseas. OS‑HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and other travel or study expenses. Students may receive one loan per six-month study period and can access a total of two OS‑HELP loans over their lifetime. A student's overseas study must take place within the relevant six-month study period of the OS-HELP loan. Your OS-HELP is added to your accumulated HECS-HELP debt.

You can apply for the following set amounts in 2018 (please note: This will only apply for applications submitted from 01/01/2018):

$2500$4500$6665$7998 (Asia Only)

As a UC student, you are eligible for OS‑HELP if you meet ALL of the below criteria:

  • are an Australian citizen, permanent humanitarian visa holder or a New Zealand Special Category Visa holder who meets the long-term residency requirements (NZ SCV holders should seek more information from the StudyAssist website); and
  • are enrolled with UC as a Commonwealth supported student; and
  • have successfully completed one year of a full-time student load (equivalent to 24 UC credit points and 1 EFTSL) in Australia that counts towards their course of study as a Commonwealth supported student; and
  • have the overseas study count towards the course requirements for the UC course of study which you are enrolled in; and
  • on the completion of the overseas study will have at least one unit to the value of 0.125EFTSL (3 UC credit points) to return to at UC; and
  • meet the tax file number (TFN) requirements by providing your TFN (or a completed Certificate of application for a TFN form) to UC Study Abroad; and
  • have correctly completed and submitted a OS-HELP Debt Confirmation form; and
  • have been selected by UC Study Abroad to receive an OS-HELP loan; and
  • have not received an OS-HELP loan on more than one other occasion;
  • have not been granted an OS-HELP loan by UC or another provider for an overlapping 6 month study period; and
  • have not completed your overseas study before applying for the OS-HELP loan (see 2.3)
  • will be undertaking full-time study overseas (see 2.4); and
  • have received official acceptance from an overseas university, program provider or program leader (see 2.1); and
  • have received approval for the overseas study to count as credit towards the course you currently enrolled in at UC.

To be entitled to a supplementary amount for Asian language study in relation to a six-month study period a student must:

  • be selected by UC for OS-HELP assistance for overseas study in relation to that six-month period; and
  • be undertaking the overseas study in Asia; and
  • have applied to their home provider for a supplementary amount for language study in relation to that six-month study period; and
  • be selected by their UC to receive a supplementary amount for Asian language study.

You can also check your OS-Help eligibility by taking our online questionnaire

Check Eligibility Now

You can only apply for OS-Help no more than six months prior to the start of your program.

OS-Help Application Deadlines

Overseas Study Period - SEMESTER AND FULL YEAR Date
Study Abroad and Exchange students commencing overseas study between January– Jun March 1st
Study Abroad and Exchange students commencing overseas study between July – December October 1st
Short Term and Summer Program students commencing overseas study in January December 1st
Short Term and Winter Program students commencing overseas study in June May 1st
Short Term and Winter Program students commencing overseas study in July June 1st
Overseas Study Period - FACULTY LED PROGRAMS Date
Faculty Led Programs: No less than 6 weeks prior to program departure No less than 6 weeks prior to program departure

OS-Help Application Process

Please read Step 1 and Step 2 carefully before applying.

Step 1 – Apply Online

Students eligible for OS-HELP must first apply online.

Student must upload:

  • UC Study Abroad Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA) OR confirmation of enrolment in your Faculty Led Program (FLP) required unit.
  • Acceptance letter from a host university or Internship Provider, for FLP Programs an acceptance letter from the academic coordinator/leader.
  • Student Progression Report.
  • If you are participating in an AIM Overseas Program, or  a Short Course (not including Faculty Led Programs or Exchange), you must also fill out the UC Short Course Participation (SCP) Form. Please complete this form before applying for OS-Help.

By completing Step 1 students agree that all correspondence relating to OS-HELP may be made via email or through electronic application

Step 2 – Complete Forms in Study Abroad Office

You will complete Step 2 in the Exchange Office:

  • You should receive an acceptance or declined email within 72 hours, based on an assessment of your eligibility requirements from Step 1.
  • If you meet the eligibility requirements and have successfully completed Step 1, you will be invited to come into the UC Study Abroad Office to sign and complete the OS-HELP Debt Confirmation Form.
  • Please bring your TFN and Bank details with you to your appointment.

Apply for OS-HELP now

Successful Applications

You will be notified by email of the outcome of your application within 72 hours of submitting it online (Step 1). You are deemed to have incurred an OS-HELP Debt on the day that you receive the money. Students will be invited via email to complete Step 2, including the signing the OS-HELP Debt Confirmation Form in the UC Study Abroad Office. This invite will remain valid for 4 weeks, at which time the application will be cancelled and a new application will need to be made.

The money will be paid to you by cheque or bank transfer within 4 weeks of the UC Study Abroad and Exchange Office receiving your OS-HELP Debt Confirmation Form.

Further Information

Information in this document has been taken directly from the Department of Education - Higher Education Administrative Information for Providers (AIP) 2014, or meets the requirements laid out in the AIP.

Contact UC Study Abroad

UC Study Abroad Office
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