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Website Disclaimer, Copyright, Privacy and Accessibility

While the University of Canberra (UC) and University of Canberra College Pty Limited (UCC) attempt to ensure the information on this website is as accurate as possible, they provide no guarantee that the material, information or publication made accessible is accurate, complete, current, or fit for any use whatsoever. No reliance should be made by a user of the material, information or publication accessed via this website. The user should instead seek confirmation with the originating business area, faculty or other body within UC or UCC (as the case may be) before making use of the material, information or publication.

UC and UCC accept no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of direct or indirect use or application of any material, publication or information made accessible via its website.

UC and UCC provide links to companies, organisations and information external to UC and UCC. In providing such links, UC and UCC do not accept responsibility for, or endorse the content or condition of, any linked site.

UC and UCC reserves the right to vary the material, information or publication on this website without notice.

UC and UCC strive to protect information you provide via its website and use reasonable endeavours to ensure the information you submit is not compromised. However, where industry standard security protocols and information encryption methods are not being used, UC and UCC cannot guarantee that information you submit over the internet is not subject to interception or attack. You should be aware of the risks when submitting information to UC or UCC in these cases and UC and UCC cannot take responsibility for any information compromised that you submit. We recommend that you use appropriate and up-to-date firewall and anti-virus software to protect your computer systems and information.

The University of Canberra (UC) or University of Canberra College Pty Limited (UCC) (as the case may be) claims ownership of the copyright of all information and materials on the UC and UCC websites developed by and published by UC or UCC. In addition, some material available on the UC and UCC websites may be sourced from third parties who have given permission for the use of their material or material copied under statutory licences. No information from the UC or UCC websites may be used for commercial or other purposes (except as legally allowed for personal and educational use) unless UC or UCC (as the case may be) gives its prior written consent to the intended use.

Web Privacy Statement

The University of Canberra (UC) and University of Canberra College (UCC) are committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy of personal information that you submit. This statement and details following below advise visitors to UC's or UCC's website of the information collected when they visit, how this information may be used and whether or not it may be disclosed.

UC is bound by the Information Privacy Act 2014 (ACT) (the Act). UC complies with the obligation of the Act, including the Territory Privacy Principles outlined in the Act.

Visiting the University of Canberra Website

Logging of Information

When you visit the University of Canberra (UC) or University of Canberra College Pty Limited (UCC) website our server makes a record of your visit and logs the following information:

  • your browser's internet address;
  • the date and time of your visit to the site;
  • the pages you accessed and documents downloaded;
  • the previous site visited;
  • the type of browser you are using; and
  • the username entered if accessing a restricted site.

UC and UCC use this information for statistical purposes and for system administration tasks to maintain this service. We do not attempt to identify individuals as part of our regular business practices however in the unlikely event of an investigation, UC, a law enforcement agency or other government agency may exercise its legal authority to inspect our server's logs.

UC and UCC will not disclose personal information obtained via UC's or UCC's website unless with the consent of the person concerned or where otherwise stated at the point of collection.

External sites

External sites that are linked to or from the UC and UCC websites are generally not under our control or responsibility and you are advised to review their privacy statement.

For more information regarding UC's Privacy Policy, please refer to Privacy at UC. For more information regarding UCC's Privacy Statement, please refer to Policies and Procedures.

'Web Content Accessibility' aims to make content accessible by everyone regardless of any disability or ability they may have. It is also about making content more usable to users in general.

The University of Canberra (UC) is committed to providing web content and web services which are accessible to the widest possible audience and to provide, as far as possible, the same experience to everyone.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to enable accessibility and usability to all areas of the website given the varying software or technology users may have.

UC acknowledges that while attempting to ensure information is as up to date and as accessible as possible, some content may not be as accessible to some users.

If you have any difficulties, questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please refer to UC Inclusion and Engagement, or contact the UC Inclusion and Engagement.