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06 December 2023
09:00 - 16:00


Address: 2 Balls Head Dr, Waverton NSW 2060


Faculty of Arts & Design (FAD) - The Centre for Creative and Cultural Research (CCCR)


Dr. Alison Wain
Dr. Eamonn Madden

Introduction to Heritage Engineering Part 1

This course will provide engineers and other professionals with an introduction to heritage principles, and the related skills to assess significance and understand conservation needs of engineering and industrial heritage sites and items.

Jointly developed by Engineering Heritage Australia and the University of Canberra the course consists of introductory online learning including an assessed report on an engineering site or item. This is followed by a onsite workshop and presentation at the Balls Head Coal Loader heritage site in Sydney.

Whether this is the first step on your journey in the world of engineering heritage or a continuation of a passion, this course will help you expand your skills, grow your network, and uncover amazing parts of our Australian story through the lens of engineering.

Additional Information

This course can be paired with Introduction to Heritage Engineering Part 2.  

Successful completion of Introduction to Heritage Engineering Parts 1 and 2, and the follow-up course Design and Implementation of Heritage Engineering Solutions will allow qualified engineers to be eligible to be accredited as Heritage Engineers and listed in the EA National Engineering Register in Heritage and Conservation Engineering.

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Enrolment starts 6 October -- Self-paced study from date of enrolment
Online workshop - 2 November 2023
Onsite workshop (in Sydney at the Balls Head Coal Loader) 5-6 December
Course ends 6 December

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