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Putting off Procrastination - a UC Psychology Clinic Group

Lots of students and young people struggle with procrastination, and this can have a significant impact on your ability to complete your studies. The Putting Off Procrastination program aims to support UC students to develop skills that enable them to address procrastination. It is suitable for any UC students or young adults that find themselves engaging in regular procrastination or struggling to complete tasks or assessment. The Surviving Stress program is based on a Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model, which is an evidence-based approach for targeting stress management. 

Putting off Procrastination runs over 5 weekly sessions that are 1 hour long. Each session focuses on teaching practical skills and strategies to improve stress management. Topics include:

  • Identifying procrastination excuses
  • Understanding why I procrastinate
  • Challenging unhelpful assumptions
  • Learning practical procrastination management strategies
  • Building a procrastination action plan
Additional Information

When? 1 hour session for 5 weeks, commencing 1pm on Tuesday 4th April

Where? UC Psychology Clinic (Level C, Building 28)

Cost? $30 per session ($150 total)

The program is facilitated by the UC Psychology Clinic. All group programs conducted by the UC Psychology Clinic are provided by provisional psychologists who are practicing under the supervision of clinical psychologists. 

Does this sound like it would be a good fit for you? Contact the UC Health Clinics reception to add your name to the referral list! Group participants will be finalised on Tuesday 28th March 2023. 

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