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27 September 2022
17:30 - 19:00


Building: 1
Room: Clive Price Suite (Room 50)
Other: Level C


UC Sport Strategy


UC Academics & Industry Partners

Women in Sport: 50/50 Industry Partner Scholarship Information Session

We invite you to our Women in Sport: 50/50 Industry Partner Scholarship Information Session (in-person or online).

Where: Clive Price Suite, Building 1, University of Canberra

When: 27 September 2022, 5:30pm until 7pm

What: Meet our industry partners and researchers, hear about our research in Women in Sport, and discuss your career goals. 

For more information visit:

Register your interest in attending the Information Session, email: 

The University is seeking to develop and support a cohort of industry-embedded professionals and researchers who will be the next generation of leaders in women’s sport.

• Contribute to knowledge about women’s participation in sport.

• Gain a PhD supervised by experienced sport academics and industry professionals.

• Study in our world class research spaces, alongside our professional teams and with our partners in their industry locations.

• Be embedded with a sports industry partners to produce real-world applied outcomes for athletes, teams and organisations.

Additional Information

The University of Canberra is investing in 12 PhD Scholarships co-funded with industry partners focused on women in sport.

We will provide high quality research training to individuals who will become the next generation of leading sporting professionals. PhD candidates will work with researchers and industry partners to identify and meet the next generation of challenges for women in sport. Broaden your networks by working alongside 12 other students completing industry embedded projects, UC researchers and our sport partners.

All projects have a focus on women in sport. Through this program we are aiming to address the gaps in knowledge, practice and management of women in high performance sport, community sport, coaching, officiating, leading sports organisations, the media, sport integrity or sports law.

The program is providing up to 12-funded PhD stipends in 2023, and candidates who hold a co-funded stipend will collaborate with their assigned partner organisation for the duration of their degree. This offers real benefits to both parties, which include:

• For our industry partner: the contribution of a researcher (and UC supervisors) who will help develop answers to the questions our partner organisation is pursuing, and to translate research outcomes into real-world applications.

• For the research candidate: the opportunity to be immersed in a real-world sporting environment, and working on current initiatives and issues for women in sport, while completing a PhD qualification with the support of their UC supervisors. The candidate will have an excellent opportunity to develop transferable skills and grow their professional networks.

This scheme is an initiative of the UC Sports Strategy

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