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16 June 2021
18:30 - 23:00


Building: UC Esports Lounge


UC Esports Lounge


3V3 Rocket League Tournament

The UC Esports Lounge is hosting a 3v3 Rocket League tournament on June 16th! You can register as a team of three, or you can just show up by yourself and be put into a team on the day. We will be playing on the PCs: if you'd like to play with a controller you will need to bring your own, however, we will have a few spares.

Registration will start at 6:30 pm, and the tournament will begin at 7:00 pm.

Matches will use the following ruleset:

Game Mode: Soccer
Default Arena: Mannfield
Team Size: 3v3
Bot Difficulty: No Bots
Mutators: Set Series Length to 5 or 7 Games
All other mutator settings set to default.
Match Time: 5 Minutes
Joinable By: Name/Password
Region: Oceania
Team colours must be the default orange and blue

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