The University of Canberra’s commitment to sustainability is founded on the desire of our community — students, staff, and other stakeholders — to walk with a light touch; to preserve and nurture our environs; to leave our world in a better state than we found it.  As an organisation focused on the future — teaching and research to improve the world — environmental sustainability is a natural part of our commitment to provide a better future. Sustainability is not just about helping to avert climate change; it is about an overall commitment to stewardship of our world and its precious resources.


As a leader in our community, and as a signatory to the Talloires Declaration, the University of Canberra is committed to incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, research, operations and outreach, and to take real action towards a sustainable future that supports generations to come. Our vision is underpinned by six principles:

  1. Learning for life
  2. Open and consultative
  3. Shared responsibility
  4. Leadership and innovation
  5. Informed decision making
  6. Global and long-term commitment


The Master Plan addresses sustainability, highlighting ambitions for the campus within the environmental sustainability realm.

  • Develop a reporting framework to measure, manage and benchmark progress against sustainability targets set in an updated sustainability strategy.
  • Adopt an ambitious net-zero emissions target in line with comparable institutions.
  • Recognise First Nations’ millennia-long continuous occupation of, and ongoing connection to country through integrating reconciliation actions at all levels of the Master Plan.
  • Adopt UN Sustainable Development Goals as a principle guiding framework and reporting mechanism.
  • Adopt a campus awareness education plan as part of the sustainability strategy.