Ecology and biodiversity


The University is known for its successful conservation of ecologically important assets, with a strengthened and cohesive network of high-quality open spaces actively supporting native fauna habitats.


  • Bolster habitat corridors to support local biodiversity.
  • Increase canopy cover on campus to ensure the protection of existing trees and support and attract a variety of native species.
  • Promote the unique and essential biological and physiological functions of landscape zones and local planting through interpretive signage and visible ecological systems.
  • Preserve and rehabilitate ecologically sensitive areas across the campus.
  • Create an ‘ecology gateway’ with a strong landscape character at the secondary entry into Cooinda Street from College Street.
  • Advocate for a land-bridge crossing corridor or underground connection at College Street to Gossan Nature Reserve to better link University Park.
  • Ensure tree selection includes local species that contribute to the ecological and biodiversity of the local region, support bird and mammal life.