Bush landscape character


The Master Plan reinforces UC’s distinctive bush character, linking key spaces to the region’s significant landscapes, supporting existing ecology and biodiversity. Even as the campus increases in density, this character will be preserved, offering a recognisable point of difference and uniquely Australian experience for campus users.


The University is located within a unique context that provides foundations to the campus identity. Flora, fauna (particularly birds and kangaroos) provide amenity and appeal to campus users. Native tree plantings and regeneration have occurred across the site providing a distinct indigenous landscape character enabling strong connection to surrounding topography, landscape, biodiversity corridors and grasslands.


  • Ensure development of the campus respects and enhances its landscape context.
  • Establish a series of distinct landscape characters, formal, informal and wild to strengthen the existing soft landscape.
  • Increase tree canopy across the campus to minimise urban heat island effect and provide natural protection from the sun and wind.
  • Retain and improve the open parkland connection to Lake Ginninderra and John Knight Memorial Park, supported by biodiversity and recreational opportunities including walking paths and water bodies.
  • Maintain visual connections between surrounding hilltops and the broader landscape.
  • Incorporate water on site to provide cooling effects, increased biodiversity and habitat opportunities with the adoption of WSUD principles in the public domain.
  • Improve University Hill and Park as the major open space assets.