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15 February 2024
12:30 - 13:30


Building: 1
Room: 1A21
Other: Level A


Centre for Cultural and Creative Research (CCCR), Faculty of Arts and Design


Prof. Laura Crehuet Berman


Event about:

Culture and Creativity seminar – Colour, Shape, and Space: Connecting Material, Physical, and Conceptual Spaces through Printmaking

Abstract: Berman’s work is grounded in earth science and the body. Focusing on color and the building of relationships through abstracted forms, iteration is at the heart of her practice. Through printed layers and physical pattern-building, Berman’s images build narratives about the connections between time, labor, play, and discovery.

In her presentation at CCCR, Berman will share how the printing processes and materials she uses point directly to her interest in geology and in parallel to the expansive formations on earth that are made by small actions over immense amounts of time. This seminar also features Berman’s research as a current Fulbright Scholar at the University of Canberra, which focuses on the material and cultural study of color through the lens of contemporary printmaking.

Anyone is welcome!

Bio: Laura Crehuet Berman creates images inspired by the natural world that layer time, space, form and color together. She has exhibited in over 150 exhibitions at galleries and museums internationally and her prints are widely collected. Berman’s work has been featured in the books Color Theory: A Critical Introduction (Fine/Bloomsbury Books, 2020), Contemporary American Printmakers (Standish, Rooney/Schiffer Publishing, 2014) and Printmaking at the Edge (Noyce/A&C Black, 2006). She works with numerous fine print and commercial publishers and her work is represented by galleries: Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art (Kansas City), Long View Gallery (Washington, D.C.), Olson-Larsen Gallery (Des Moines), and Uprise Art (New York City). Laura Berman is a Professor at the Kansas City Art Institute (USA), where she has taught in the Printmaking Department since 2002. Currently, she is working as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Canberra (Australia).

Support: Fullbright Scholar Laura Crehuet Berman would like to extend her sincere gratitude to the generous support and funding provided by Fulbright Australia and the Kansas City Art Institute. Additionally, she acknowledges the contributions of CCCR and UC.

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