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19 May 2022
16:00 - 17:00




Centre for Sustainable Communities


Professor Anke Schwittay (University of Sussex), Dr Ann Hill, Monty Nixon, Margie Appel, Shang Fuentes

Creative Universities: Reimagining Education for global challenges and alternative futures (Webinar)

The Centre for Sustainable Communities invites you to attend a webinar on Thursday 19 May at 4pm titled ‘Creative Universities: Reimagining Education for global challenges and alternative futures’. 

Dr Anke Schwittay a Professor of Anthropology & Global Development at the University of Sussex will be speaking about her book ‘Creative Universities’. 

Dr Ann Hill will lead a discussion with Anke and Margie Appel, Shang Fuentes, and Monty Nixon will all respond to provocations by Anke based on their own research work.  

Please register here to attend via zoom on Thursday the 19th May at 4pm AEST.

How can we help students to better understand complex global challenges 
while at the same time imagining alternative responses to them? In this 
webinar, drawing on her book Creative Universities; Reimagining Education 
for Global Challenges and Alternative Futures, Anke shows that one way of 
achieving this is to combine critique with creativity in university classrooms. 
She argues, while students’ critical understanding of the complexities of 
global challenges and the limitations of many mainstream interventions 
are fundamental, it is equally important to enable students to move beyond 
deconstruction towards putting together again, in radically new ways. To this 
end, Anke proposes a critical-creative pedagogy that combines whole-person 
learning with creative design and arts methods, praxis and critical hope. 
Respondents will offer reflections on chapters of Anke’s book based on their 
own professional experiences.

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