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07 July 2021
10:00 - 13:00


Address: Online via Zoom


UC Researcher Development


Bill Shander

Data Visualization and Storytelling with Bill Shander

Learn the art and science, the theory and practical hands-on tactics of creating compelling communications experiences based on surveys, scientific research, public or proprietary data sources. Join Bill Shander, LinkedIn Learning’s data visualization expert, and top-rated workshop presenter, as he walks through a curriculum specially designed for different members of your team. In individual and team exercises, you will work your way up from basic visual thinking exercises to creating full outlines and plans for static infographics, PowerPoint decks, and/or interactive data experiences.

You will practice converting abstract ideas and data into visuals, allowing you to conceptualize and produce a complete idea that is ready for execution. You will gain tangible real-world insights to make every data presentation you create better, as well as long-term best practices and big picture thinking that will forever change your approach to this work.


  • Strategies for creating memorable and effective data visualizations, data stories and infographics for your organization
  • How to think about data and the visual communication of data
  • Picking the right chart for your data
  • Storytelling with data
  • About information hierarchy and data visualization best practices
  • The neuroscience and psychology behind how your audience will receive your data visualizations
  • About research into best practices for data design and communications


Bill Shander is an information designer, helping clients turn their data into compelling visual and often interactive experiences. Bill teaches data storytelling, information design and data visualization on LinkedIn Learning, for a Big Four accounting and consulting firm, and in workshops around the world. Clients include the World Bank, United Nations, Starbucks, MIT, multiple U.S. Government agencies, and many more. Bill is also on the board of directors of the Data Visualization Society, a global member-driven community of over 17,000 data visualization professionals.


Strict limit of 40 participants

Additional Information

This event is available for UC HDR candidates, academic staff, and professional research staff.


This event requires some pre-work:

Because we’re doing a very abbreviated workshop, we don’t want to waste precious learning time with you trying to do data analysis or come up with story ideas based on a data set. Instead, it would be great if, BEFORE THE SESSION, you were to look at the attached data set containing every Olympic athlete who has ever competed in the modern Olympics. 

You will see a raw table with all the individuals and several other variables, and several other worksheets containing some pivot tables that might spark some data story ideas. Please review this data, do some light analysis, and come to the workshop prepared to present a data story about this data. Have the data you plan to use worked out so you can hit the ground running organizing that interesting story, and eventually coming up with visualizations to communicate your ideas. But don’t worry about the story or visuals yet – just analyze the data and come up with ideas!

Also, the data stories you do create in the workshop don’t actually have to be real or accurate. Come up with a fun idea based on this data set, but feel free to fudge the numbers when it comes time to tell the story. For this workshop, the actual facts don’t matter!

A workshop has been coordinated to support this pre-work:
Data Visualization & Storytelling Pre-Workshop
Mon 21 June  |  1.00pm - 2.00pm
Registration through Inkpath

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