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Researcher Development Workshops

The Researcher Development workshop programs are now available:

The calendar below shows workshops organised by UC ReD and some events by other areas at UC that offer training for researchers. The event provider will be listed in the event details.

Each Q Reference (e.g. Q1.2) indicates how the workshop aligns with the Researcher Development Skills Framework (see key below calendar). Online workshops are often recorded at the discretion of the workshop presenter. Wellbeing sessions and supervisor development sessions are not usually recorded.

To have your event added to the UC ReD calendar and newsletter, please use this form to provide us with the details about your event. The nominated contact for the event will receive an email with the QR codes so participants can verify their attendance at your event, meaning it will appear in their RGrad record. Email for more  information.

Where possible our workshops are recorded and can be accessed via our Echo centre. You will need to enter your UC email address on the first screen and then hit the blue 'submit' button. Select 'University of Canberra' when prompted to 'Choose institution' on the next screen and click the blue 'submit' button. You will then be directed to enter your UC staff or student ID number and password to log in. Please allow a few days post-event for recordings to be edited and uploaded.

Inkpath Information

Inkpath is available on several platforms:

Instructions for Connecting your UC account with Inkpath:

  1. Navigate to and ensure the “Login” option is selected
  2. Click on the “Use Single-Sign-On” button
  3. Click on “Choose your organisation” and select “University of Canberra”
  4. Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  5. Click “Log in with Single-Sign-On”
  6. Sign in with your primary University of Canberra log in details
  7. Inkpath will process your registration and you will be redirected to your personal dashboard

For the full Inkpath Instruction Manual, click here