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09 March 2020
18:30 - 20:30


Address: Canberra Enlighten Marquee (Full details to be provided - register today for location updates)


University of Canberra

UnCover Event- Enlighten Your Mind: Exploring the 'new normal'

What is the ‘new normal’? New Year’s Eve 2020 heralded a new decade and with it sweeping and devastating new challenges—bushfires ravaged our country, air quality in the ACT became the worst in the world, climate change took centre stage, the environmental impact on health and mental health came to the fore and technology both offered solutions and created new challenges.

Join host, author, activist and philanthropist Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful) as a group of UC experts explore what exactly constitutes the ‘new normal’, and how quickly the human brain adjusts to changes in conditions.

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