The Uncertainty Principle
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This exhibition has been developed by the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research in the Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra. It is inspired by Heisenberg’s famous phrase that points to the fuzziness in the natural world, and the impossibility of knowing in any certain way what things are, and how they operate. While we respect the specialised understanding of this concept, grounded as it is in physics, we read it as a metaphor for art practice. Artists are, we suggest, always feeling their way into new works, often not certain about what they are doing or what it means. Nonetheless, we keep going, hoping to keep finding new ways to make, see and understand – however uncertain or how partial that seeing and understanding might be. We explore these concepts in a range of media: artist books, video and sound art, works on paper, and both sculptural and interactive media. Each work includes an artist statement and a research statement